Closca Helmet Loop Reflective

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Sale price$169.00 CAD

Size: Large (60-63cm // 23.13 - 24.5 inches)

This helmet features unique collapsable design, allowing it to reduce size by 45% in just one second so you can store it in your bag. Is it safe, meeting impact absorption certifications (EN1078 and CPSC) and lightweight, clocking in at 0.8L LB. The reflective back band provides high visibility without dazzling, while leaving room for the rear adjustment system. The helmet is also ventilated through concealed holes to maintain airflow.

Important Information:

- Sizing: Please find the sizing guide image and select the one that fits your head. Medium size covers 56-59cm (22.05 - 23.25 inches), while the large covers 60-63cm ( 23.13 - 24.5 inches).

- Safety: we recommend shell-style helmets like this one for riding at low speeds (20MPH or less). For more powerful scooters or riding at higher speeds, we always recommend wearing full face helmets and other protective equipment. Apollo will not be held liable for any damages caused by use of the helmet on higher powered scooters.