Apollo Pro Reservation


Apollo Pro Reservation

The first connected, high-performance, electric scooter. Expected delivery in Q3 of 2023.

Expected to start at $5199 or $219/month CAD.

We're calling it a We're calling it a

We're calling it a "hyper scooter"

Powered by a dual motor drive and our proprietary MACH 2 controller. First ever scooter with phone-as-display, smart regenerative braking, and 360-degree lights. Welcome to the hyper scooter world.

<p>Early Access Program</p> <p>Early Access Program</p>

Early Access Program

Join our Early Access Beta Program - a community of selected early adopters who will have exclusive access to discounted production units in exchange for providing valuable product feedback. Apply now by signing up below and we'll contact you with more information.
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Hyper fast, hyper far.

Our first scooter with the proprietary MACH 2 Controller. Add dual motors and you get a record-breaking top speed of 70 km/h and 100 km range thanks to our latest and strongest 21700 lithium battery.

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New Standard in Safety

The MACH 2 controller is the core of new safety features like fall detection with emergency contact notification and a 360-degree light system. Soon, the M2 will also offer collision warnings so you can ride safer than ever.

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Not just muscle

The M2 controller collects 22 data points every second, including GPS location, giving rise to a whole new range of vehicle-grade features.

Forget displays. Forget displays.

Forget displays.

Introducing the first ever phone-as-display with wireless charging. Simply slide your phone in, open the Apollo app, and enjoy an unprecendented riding experience.

Connected, so you can disconnect. Connected, so you can disconnect.

Connected, so you can disconnect.

The first hyper scooter with built-in GPS connectivity, smart battery management system, and 10 separate sensors. Countless possibilities with the Apollo App.

Brake without braking. Brake without braking.

Brake without braking.

Brake insanely smoothly with the all new dedicated re-gen throttle. Oh, and re-charge your battery up to 10% while doing so.

Unibody frame, hyper strength. Unibody frame, hyper strength.

Unibody frame, hyper strength.

The unibody frame made with aircraft grade aluminum is the strongest we've ever made, so you can go on the toughest of journeys. Expected weight load capacity of 150 kg.

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Ride Anywhere

Featuring 12 inch self-healing tires for total comfort and convenience. The Pro also features a massive deck surface area allowing riders to keep their feet side by side while riding.

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Cruise in Comfort

Finally, the Pro also features hydraulic suspension so you can cruise on both: roads and off-road trails alike.

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See and be seen

Safety starts with others seeing you. The Pro is the first scooter with a 360-degree lighting system, so you can stay safe at all times. All lights are customizable within the Apollo app.

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let them know you're coming

The Apollo Pro has a built-in speaker programmed to be used as a horn when needed, or an alarm when being tampered with. Or you can simply stream your music when all is well.

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introducing apollo Care

The first extended warranty and theft protection services, designed specifically by scooter makers for scooter owners. On demand repair services in major US cities.

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on demand support

We built the Pro to intelligently diagnose problems before they occur. Apollo Care will compliment this with on-demand servicing in the comfort of your own home.



  • What are the specifications?



    Up to 70km/h


    Up to 100km of range


    Self-healing tires, 30.5 cm tall x 9 cm inches wide


    Regenetrative braking system and two drum brakes


    Front hydraulic suspension, rear rubber


    Your smart phone


  • What are the features?

    +150 custom made components, unibody frame, and AG geometry make it intuitive and very comfortable to ride.


    Mach 1 Controller, Designed in Canada.


    An integrated SIM card will allow owners to track and lock their scooters via the Apollo App. The scooter will only unlock when your phone is closer than 5 m away.

    IoT (Internet of Things)

    Track the health of the battery in real time, the temperature, and how long until the next charge.

    BMS (Battery Management System)

    The top speed, the light intensity and colour, the horn, can all be customized via the Apollo App.

    Fully customizable

    The best display available. Use your smart phone as a display.


    Front, back, and turning signals. Lights are also integrated into the deck and the colour can be changed as desired. The 360-light system makes the Pro highly visible.

    360 light system

    Customers will be able to receive personalized help and assistance 24/7 for a low monthly fee.

    Apollo Care

    The kickstand is similar to a motorcycle kick stand. It comes out from under the deck making it safe, strong, and convenient.

    Kick Stand

    This scooter is our most water-resistant yet. It has a tight seal all around the deck, making it IP66 rated.

    Water proof

  • Will it be available globally?

    At this time, the Pro is only being sold directly by Apollo in North America. If you'd like to be notified when it becomes available in your region, please sign up for the mailing list.

  • What happens after I reserve it?

    Firstly, thank you. After your reservation, you will have secured your spot for the first production run. We will continue to share updates via emails as production nears, so you will have full visibility into the process. When we near Q2 of 2023, we will contact you to confirm order details and collect the payment balance. Then your unit will be shipped out and delivered.

  • What if I change my mind?

    That's alright, it happens to all of us. The $20 deposit is fully refundable. If you change your mind, simply let our customer experience team know and they will process it for you.

  • What development stage are you at?

    We're currently on the 4th prototype, you can watch the walkthrough with our CTO here.