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Globally Available Globally Available

Globally Available

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Made for the market Made for the market
Made for the market

Made for the market

Our scooters ride the line between form and function, always re-imagining what's possible. At Apollo, every scooter is proudly Canadian-designed.

Made for the market
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This isn't some "keep in your trunk just in case" scooter. This is a "you don't really need a car anymore" scooter.

Exhilarating. This is what it feels like riding the Apollo Ghost.

"I relive the Knight Rider days when Michael would activate KITT's Turbo boost, hitting the button for its second motor, and the Apollo takes off."

"The Apollo Scooter can zip you across town at 38MPH - enough to get you in trouble if you're not mindful of local speed limits."

"If the Fast & Furious franchise was based on electric scooters rather than cars, the Apollo Scooter would have a starring role"

These Canadian electric scooters go like a rocket.

Make the most out of your new ride Make the most out of your new ride

Make the most out of your new ride

Waterproof scooter bag compatible with all models sold by Apollo.

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