Why does Designed in Canada Matter?

Why does Designed in Canada Matter?

Why does “Designed in Canada” matter?

Design isn't just about aesthetics; it's about creating a product that truly caters to the needs of the users. Apollo is a brand known for its innovative approach to scooter design, and we are proud to be reshaping the industry by prioritizing community involvement and hands-on participation in the development of new scooters. In this blog post, we'll delve into the unique design process that sets Apollo apart and explore why it matters.

The Problem with Overseas Brands

Overseas scooter brands often create products with little consideration for the needs and preferences of their consumers. These businesses can make design decisions solely based on market trends, resulting in products that may overlook practical aspects of day-to-day usage. For riders, this can mean encountering design flaws that hinder their experience and overall satisfaction.

Apollo's Community-Driven Approach

Apollo, on the other hand, has always placed community feedback at the heart of its design process. With a vast community of riders, ranging from beginners to enthusiasts, Apollo gains invaluable insights that influence every aspect of their scooters' design. By directly engaging with their riders, Apollo has cultivated a direct line of communication that allows us to rapidly iterate and enhance our designs based on real-world experiences.

The Intricate Design Process

Apollo's design journey begins with a user insight. For instance, a rider might express a need for a dual-motor, powerful scooter that's affordable and stylish. The R&D team then dives into conceptualizing various design options. These concepts are carefully reviewed, and one is selected for prototyping. Through multiple rounds of feedback and iterations, a dominant design emerges.

The chosen design goes through several prototyping stages, where geometry and usability are meticulously tested. At this point, Apollo engages its community for open feedback. Iteration after iteration refines the design until it reaches a stage where it is comfortable for production.

Rigorous Testing and Analysis

Apollo's commitment to excellence is exemplified in its rigorous testing phase. The scooter undergoes FEA (Finite Element Analysis) stress tests, simulating a range of stresses and identifying potential weak points. To push the limits further, the scooter is subjected to a Mega Rig test, simulating the toughest real-world conditions. Apollo's dedication to comprehensive testing ensures our scooters can withstand the demands of daily use for up to 10,000km under the roughest conditions.

 Early Access Program and Customer Involvement

Apollo takes customer involvement a step further with its Early Access program. The first production units are offered at cost to riders in exchange for feedback. Riders rigorously test the scooters, reporting on their experiences, quality, software, and more. This invaluable feedback shapes final adjustments before mass production.

The Canadian Advantage

Apollo's unique approach of designing in Canada while producing in China provides the best of both worlds. This strategy allows them to own the development process, ensuring attention to detail and quality. The end result is a scooter that aligns perfectly with riders' needs and desires.

The Impact on Riders' Lives

Apollo's design philosophy has a tangible impact on riders' lives. The brand's scooters inspire riders to ditch their cars and embrace a more sustainable mode of transportation. In fact, four out of five customers claim that they have stopped using their cars after they got their own electric scooter. As Apollo's scooters cater to a wide range of riders, they're fostering a community united by a shared goal of reducing car usage, one scooter at a time.

In Conclusion

Apollo's commitment to community-driven design sets a new standard in the electric scooter industry. By involving riders in every stage of development, from ideation to testing, Apollo ensures that their scooters not only meet but exceed expectations. This meticulous approach results in products that enhance riders' lives, promote sustainable transportation, and embody the spirit of innovation. As Apollo continues to evolve and iterate, riders can expect a future where their needs are not just met, but anticipated and celebrated.

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