Inside Apollo's Electric Scooter Factory | Quality Control Tour

Inside Apollo's Electric Scooter Factory | Quality Control Tour

Quality Control (QC) is more complex than simply inspecting a finished scooter. Each step in this process must be carefully studied and improved in order to produce that WOW moment when you finally unbox your scooter.

And then, every time you ride on your Apollo, you'll think, "It's a machine that can take me to the moon and back." 🚀That's our mission. 

Preparation and Assembly

Our process starts with preparing the individual parts for assembly. For instance, the stems are individually bubble-wrapped and separated with foam to ensure that all the individual pieces get to the assembly line with no scratches or any type of damage. (Yes, we know, bubble wrap is not the best choice for the environment, which is why we're transitioning from bubble wrap to shrink plastic, enhancing the safety and sustainability of our packaging.) Each part is then carefully assembled and inspected.

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Quality Control Steps

Quality control is integrated at various stages. For instance, during the handlebar assembly, each component is thoroughly checked for scratches or defects. Instruction sheets guide employees on what to look for, setting clear standards for acceptable quality, which is perfection.

Our approach to maintaining consistency involves hiring dedicated staff specialized in specific tasks. That's why the same employee adjusts folding mechanics across all models, ensuring uniformity and excellence in every product.

Component Testing

Each part, like the headset and electronic components, undergoes individual testing. This methodical approach helps quickly identify and isolate any issues, significantly optimizing production time, efficiency, and ultimately, quality.

Inspection and Documentation

Our rigorous inspection process includes a detailed examination of cosmetics, functionality, and safety. The average inspection time ranges from 8 to 10 minutes per scooter, with a keen focus on minor, major, and critical defects. Any identified defects are meticulously recorded, addressed, and re-checked to ensure our scooters are up to the highest standards.

Final Assembly and Packaging

After all parts are assembled, the scooters undergo a final inspection on the production line. This step is crucial to ensure every scooter meets our stringent quality criteria before packaging.

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Continuous Improvement

Our QC team, has significantly reduced our defect rate to a record low of ~3%. This achievement is a testament to our commitment to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. We actively encourage customer feedback, which is vital for further enhancing our quality standards and processes.

Here, you can find a video we made to show you how our quality control process works, so you know we take it seriously. 

What have we achieved

A long time ago, back when streaming simply meant flowing water, we started off with a pretty hefty defect rate of around 30%. But here's where we made a big splash: we didn't just sit back and accept it. Instead, we rolled up our sleeves and got down to the nitty-gritty of our quality control processes.

The result? A massive game-changer! We managed to slash that daunting defect rate all the way down to a much more manageable 1% to 3%, depending on the scooter model. This wasn't just a slight improvement; it was a quantum leap in quality. And we’re still working on getting it lower — we’re never satisfied with better; we want perfection. 

Going from a staggering 30% defect rate to a mere 1-3%? Now that's what we call a turnaround!

Finishing up

Manufacturing e-scooters is a complex process, but we spare no effort to make sure you get what you deserve, which is the best. Ever wondered why being designed in Canada matters? Explore the significance here.

Our dedication to quality and valuable customer feedback drive our continuous improvement. We hope this behind-the-scenes look into our QC process was insightful. 

Stay tuned for more updates, and feel free to share your thoughts on our social media!

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Table of contents

    1. Preparation and Assembly
    2. Quality Control Steps
    3. Component Testing
    4. Inspection and Documentation
    5. Final Assembly and Packaging
    6. Continuous Improvement
    7. What have we achieved
    8. Finishing up