What is the best way to get around Montreal?

Are you indecisive about whether a metro pass, a bike subscription, or walking is the best way to commute this summer? 

With summer around the corner, and with Covid-19 restrictions winding down, traffic has returned to the city this season too. You might be thinking about getting a metro pass or paying a subscription plan for a bicycle, but have you considered getting an electric scooter?  Electric Scooters are a very enjoyable way to get you where you’re going in and around Montreal, whether that’s a picnic in Mount Royal Park, dinner downtown, or to and from the daily grind.

Anyone who’s been in Montreal knows the drill—congestion, construction, and detour after detour. Luckily, with a scooter you could avoid that. Not only do e-scooters get points for a cleaner low-emissions ride, and low-cost transportation, but they beat out cars and motorcycles with their roadway versatility. Your car isn’t going to scoot you out of a traffic jam, but an Apollo Air Pro can, and it’ll do it faster than a good old-fashioned bicycle could too.

The Apollo Air Pro was built with commuters in mind: lightweight, compact, and built to navigate even Montreal’s infamous potholes. It’s perfect for zipping around town, with the added benefit of effortlessly converting into a portable size for a hop on the bus or metro. You’re not going to find that kind of versatility in other rides. You can take advantage of the benefits Apollo scooters have to offer without committing to fully purchasing a scooter and without having to deal with any maintenance. Apollo now offers a E-Scooter rental program in the Greater Montreal Area starting as low as 39$ CAD a month for an Apollo Air Pro. The best thing about it requires no hard commitments, since you can return the scooter anytime you want.

Scooters are practical and fun

The days of waiting on Green Line service interruptions and late buses are over. It’s admittedly a low bar, but Apollo scooters will elevate your travel experience and transportation standards to new heights with every single ride. Whether you’ve got to make it to a meeting on time or just want to start your weekend ASAP, an Apollo scooter can get you there faster and with less of the hassle. To prove this, we had our team race using an Apollo Scooter and public transport. Can you guess who won? Find out in this video Apollo Air vs Public transport.

Got sights to see? Skip the crowded metros, and whizz past the hustle of the sidewalk foot traffic downtown. You can explore the island from the peak of Mount Royal to the cobbled streets of the Old Port while enjoying the journey, not just the destination.

Best of all? Apollo scooters don’t just help you not to sweat the small stuff—you won’t be sweating at all. Sure, summertime cycling might save the environment (and your wallet), but who wants to hit up a date, or deliver a big presentation with pit stains? Don’t test your antiperspirant’s limits. Enjoy the breeze on an Apollo scooter instead.

Buy or subscribe!

While buying an electric scooter might seem like the best choice, we know it isn’t for everyone. The new subscription model can be appealing if you aren’t 100% sure an electric scooter is for you, or if you simply don’t want to have it stored in your home for the 6 months of winter in Montreal.

Starting at $39 CAD per month, Apollo’s subscription plan allows you to try a scooter at a very accessible price. Test it out, see if it works for you and your journey’s and then decide. (Currently only available in Montreal). 

The subscription plan is ideal for anyone who isn’t sure about whether they want to make the full investment for an electric scooter:

1. Subscribe for as long as you want, starting at one month. 

2. Return the scooter as soon as you want - no need to have it taking up space during the cold months. 

3. Forget about maintenance or repairs. At any point if you have any problems, simply book an appointment at our Atwater facility and change your scooter for another one. 



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