Transporting and traveling with Electric Scooters in Canada - FAQ

Picture this — you've been planning your dream vacation for a while, and now finally, everything is packed and ready to go. But is it? You're just about to head to the airport when it dawns on you – Can I take my electric scooter onboard? As you're frantically searching for a solution and alternately checking the time, you start to wonder if you'll even make it to the airport.

You may have been in this predicament as an avid electric scooter rider. Fortunately, we're here to ease your doubts and provide all the information you may need about air travel with your electric scooter. So buckle up, and let's dive in!

Can you take a scooter on an airplane?

Many rules and regulations regarding electrical devices are in place to increase the safety of passengers aboard a plane. And they also hold true for electric scooters.

Are you planning to travel with your E-Scooter in the USA as well? If so, you might find our guide on 'Transporting and Traveling with Electric Scooters in the USA' helpful!

Sadly, there is no short answer here. But the rule of thumb is that most recreational scooters are prohibited on a plane. However, each airline has its own policies, so it's important to double-check before you go.

Are there any specific airline rules or regulations regarding the transportation of electric scooters?

The primary concern in bringing an e-scooter on a plane is its battery because of the risk that it may spontaneously overheat and catch fire or explode. There are three main categories for international flights:

  • 100 Watt-hours or less—Generally, airlines allow a battery size of 100Wh or less, as they are considered "small" and pose a lower fire risk. This refers mainly to smartphones, laptops, and cameras. 
  • Up to 160 Watt-hours—In such cases, you have to call it in and ask for permission from the airline. E-scooters with such a watt-hour are hard to come by, and even if you find one, they'll most likely be for children.
  • Over 160 Watt-hours—it's a no-go. This excludes most e-scooters, as batteries have around 250Wh or way more on average.

Can I take my electric scooter as a carry-on, or do I need to check it in?

It's another confusing issue, but let's shed some light on it. If you have any disability necessitating using so-called mobility scooters, you can usually take it with you as a carry-on. But you'll have to notify the airline in advance, especially when the device's battery wattage is above 100Wh. Some airlines make exceptions for such devices, even if they have a battery of up to 300Wh.

How to transport E-Scooters with Canadian Airlines:

1. Can I bring my electric scooter on an Air Canada flight?

Under international rules and regulations, Air Canada won't accept any small lithium battery-powered vehicles, such as e-scooters, hoverboards, gliders, etc., unless they fall into the category of mobility aids. For more details, visit the Air Canada website. 

Restricted items on Air Canada flights.

2. Can I bring my electric scooter on a WestJet flight?

Suppose you're planning to travel with WestJet Airlines, and you happen to own an electric scooter or other lithium or lithium-ion rideable. In that case, knowing that these items are prohibited on board is essential.

In the case of medical devices, it all comes down to their watt-hour, but generally, such mobility aids are allowed. Remember, you need to contact the carrier beforehand to inform them, so everything goes smoothly.

Restricted items on WestJet 

3. Can I bring my electric scooter on a Porter Airlines flight?

Porter Airlines doesn't allow lithium-ion batteries with a watt-hour rating exceeding 160Wh to be transported as checked or carry-on baggage. This includes electric scooters and other rideables. 

Refer to Porter Airlines' baggage restrictions or contact their customer service team for more information.

Restricted items on Porter Airlines flights.

4. Can I bring my electric scooter on a Flair Airlines flight?

Say you plan to fly with Flair Airlines and consider bringing your electric scooter or other rideable with lithium or lithium-ion batteries. In that case, you should know that these items are not allowed on board, except for mobility aids. Click on the link to learn more about what you can take with you and what you should leave at home.

Restricted items on Flair Airlines flights.

5. Can I bring my electric scooter on an Air Transat flight?

If you're planning to fly with Air Transat and were hoping to bring your electric scooter or other rideable with lithium or lithium-ion batteries, we've got some bad news. Air Transat has banned the carriage of these devices due to safety concerns related to their batteries.

For more information on Air Transat's baggage policy and restrictions, check out their website or call their customer service team. They're always happy to help with any questions or concerns.

Restricted items on Air Transat flights.

Do airlines check for lithium batteries?

You must take out all lithium batteries, including power banks, at the gate and keep them in the cabin afterward.

Here you can verify for yourself the FAA regulations.

Do I need to disassemble my electric scooter before taking it on a plane?

It depends on the size and type of electric scooter you have and the airline's specific policies. According to TAA regulations, if your electric scooter and its battery watt-hours conform to the limit of 160Wh, it can be folded or disassembled easily and fits within the carry-on baggage size restrictions; it may be allowed as a carry-on item

However, if your scooter's battery watt-hour exceeds 160Wh, and it's not a mobility aid, it'll most likely be denied access.

Are there any additional fees for transporting electric scooters on a plane?

According to TAA rules and regulations, If your electric scooter is a mobility aid, it must be accepted without additional fees or charges.

What is the maximum watt-hour rating for batteries on electric scooters that can be transported on a plane?

    The maximum watt-hour rating for batteries on electric scooters that can be transported on a plane varies depending on the airline and can change over time.

    However, as a general rule, most airlines allow lithium-ion batteries with a watt-hour rating of up to 100Wh to be carried on board or checked in as luggage. If the device qualifies as a medical aid, some airlines may allow batteries with a higher watt-hour rating, up to 160Wh.

    Are there any restrictions on the type of electric scooter that can be transported on a plane?

    Yes, there are restrictions on the type of electric scooter that can be transported on a plane. Most airlines have specific policies regarding the size, weight, and type of battery allowed on board.

    For example, many airlines only allow electric scooters with collapsible frames and handlebars.
    The battery must also be removable and fall within the airline's maximum watt-hour rating for lithium-ion batteries.

    Some airlines may also require the battery to be packed separately in a protective case, while others may allow it to remain attached to the scooter.

    But in most cases, such exceptions pertain to devices classified as mobility aid. So, unfortunately, you won't be able to bring your electric scooter on a plane with you. Then you'll ask, how about other modes of transportation?

    Other modes of transport in Canada

    Can you legally travel with electric scooters on a train in Canada?

    As with the US, it depends on the train system.

    Each company has its own rules and regulations regarding the transportation of electric scooters. It's best to check with the particular train system in advance to see if they allow electric scooters and their specific policies.

    But don't worry. Usually, those policies are more relaxed than in the case of air travel. So, the chances are high that you're good to go as long as it doesn't inconvenience any other passengers.

    Can you legally travel with electric scooters on a ferry in Canada?

    The same rules apply to bringing your e-scooter on a ferry.

    There is no rule against it, but many companies may have some security policies in place. Hence, it's worth considering that and double-checking beforehand with the transport company.

    Can you legally travel with electric scooters on a bus in Canada?

    Similar to buses in the US, powered scooters are not typically allowed on buses in Canada.

    However, if your scooter is folded up and stowed away in an appropriately sized bag, you can bring it with you. Just remember to check with the specific bus service beforehand to make sure.

    Can you legally travel with electric scooters on a subway in Canada?

    Regarding traveling with electric scooters on subways in Canada, it depends on the specific rules and regulations of the transit system you're using. In general, most Canadian cities allow riders to bring their electric scooters onto subways as long as they follow certain guidelines.

    For example, in Toronto, electric scooters are allowed on the subway, but they must be folded and placed in a carrying case or bag that is small enough to fit on your lap. Meanwhile, in Vancouver, electric scooters are not allowed on the SkyTrain at all.

    So, the bottom line is that it's important to check with the specific transit system you'll be using to see their rules regarding electric scooters. This way, you can ensure that you follow the guidelines and avoid any potential issues while traveling.


    Remember that rules and regulations are constantly changing. The only way to be sure you can bring your fave e-scooter on a plane is to contact the airline well ahead of time and inquire about their policies. Doing so will save a lot of stress and frustration once you get to the airport.

    Or you can just wait a while, because who knows, maybe e-scooters will be able soon to fly on their own?



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