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Top 5 Unforgivable Scooter Mistakes We All Make

Top 5 Unforgivable Scooter Mistakes We All Make

To err is human; to ride Apollo Scooter divine. Everybody makes mistakes; everybody has those days. To quote one famous long-distance runner, “Sh*t happens.” But there are certain mistakes we can learn to avoid.

In this article, we will break down 5 of the most common mistakes electric scooter riders make. Let's have fun on the side of caution!

Mistake #1: Improper charging of the battery

The first mistake many new riders make is charging the scooter too often or not often enough. So, how to charge a scooter?

It's a classic misconception that because your scooter has 'X' amount of mileage or speed advertised, it should reach that amount no matter what. As your electric scooter battery capacity depletes, so does your performance. Your battery can hold a limited amount of energy, and as the battery drains, less power is available.

New riders often charge their scooter too much or leave it plugged in long-term. As we mentioned, it likes to be kept between 20-90%. But that doesn't mean you should charge it every time it dips below 90!

It is safe to plug your scooter in overnight, so you have a fresh, fully charged battery waiting for you in the morning, but be sure to unplug it when you wake up or as soon as the charger light turns green. 

Mistake #2: Not managing battery range

We covered two essential tips for taking care of your battery every day. The next tip comes in handy while riding.

How can you manage your battery like a pro? Well, always be mindful of how far your commute is and if there is somewhere to charge your scooter when you arrive. If you have a scooter compatible with our Apollo App. You can use it to plan your route and monitor your remaining mileage accurately!

Most of the scooters in our lineup feature a dedicated regenerative braking throttle, which helps maintain your battery levels while riding and reduces maintenance costs on your scooter! 

Mistake #3: Treating the scooter like a stunt-bike

The third mistake many riders make is pretty tempting, especially when buying high-end scooters like the Pro or Phantom

While these scooters have robust suspension systems to handle any bumps on the road, they are not meant to do stunts and repeated hard impacts. A real scooter pro knows to take good care of their scooter and use it only for its intended purposes.

Remember, these aren't motocross or mountain bikes with 6" of travel in the suspension, built to take off big jumps and drops. Our scooters are as exciting as they come; let's leave the X-games and jumping through rings of fire to stunt performers.

Mistake #4: Riding in the rain

While it can be tempting to pull off your best Gene Kelly impersonation and sing in the rain, it's best to avoid riding your scooter in the rain as much as possible.

Our scooters offer from IP54 to IP66 water resistance, but no scooter is protected from water damage under their warranty.

Therefore, short rides in the rain or wet conditions are okay but still not recommended, as it only takes one big splash or excessive moisture to seep into the deck and battery compartment and ruin your scooter.

So, can you ride an electric scooter in the rain?

If you really have to ride in the rain, it's best to make short work of it, clean your scooter afterward, and let it dry out before charging it!


Mistake #5: Not maintaining the scooter

The last mistake we'll cover is not performing electric scooter maintenance often enough.

Regularly cleaning your scooter, maintaining your brakes, and lubricating the different moving parts of your scooter can ensure it continues to run smoothly for many years and can prevent expensive repair costs.

If you need help cleaning your scooter, watch our previous video showing you all the basics! We also have many helpful guides on adjusting your brakes for any scooter you might have.

Watch here!

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    2. Mistake #2: Not managing battery range
    3. Mistake #3: Treating the scooter like a stunt-bike
    4. Mistake #4: Riding in the rain
    5. Mistake #5: Not maintaining the scooter