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Summer Riding: How To Stay Cool on an Electric Scooter

Summer Riding: How To Stay Cool on an Electric Scooter

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Hot summer days are approaching, or already here, depending on where you live. It's the perfect season to get outside and ride your electric scooter. But staying cool and comfortable on sun-drenched days can be a challenge. Never fear, we're here to give you important tips for surviving high temperatures and enjoying summer riding this year.

We'll also talk about how to keep your scooter from overheating. Like all electronic devices, electric scooters are particularly vulnerable to extreme temperatures. This can make both summer and winter riding tricky on an electric scooter.

But if you follow general best practices for riding in hot weather, you won't need to worry about damaging your scooter or getting to your destination soaked with sweat. Here's how to stay cool and keep your ride cool, too, in summer weather.

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Tips for Keeping your Temps Down

Wear Light-Colored and Reflective Clothing

Maybe it goes without saying, but if you're a fan of basic black, you might want to brighten up your wardrobe for the summer to stay cool.

As we all know, dark colors absorb heat, light colors reflect it. You'll stay even cooler if you wear reflective clothing designed for running or riding outside in the heat.

Reflective clothing will give you better visibility to drivers in addition to reflecting the sun's rays.

Plenty of Vents

Safety gear is still essential in the summer, but make sure you have a helmet with good ventilation that allows plenty of airflow while you ride.

While riding in flip flops or open-toed shoes is not the best idea, consider wearing shoes that are vented and allow your feet to breathe.

Keep on the Shady Side of the Street

Trees do more to reduce temperatures that we might realize in summer months. If you stay on greenways and shady streets during sunny parts of the day, you'll absorb much less heat and keep your body temps down as you ride.

Conversely, if you live in a big city, the heat absorbed by asphalt, concrete, steel and glass buildings, and the other vehicles around you can be stifling. Look for tree-lined streets and greenways to ride in the summer to keep you and your electric scooter from overheating.

Ride During Cooler Times of the Day

This might seem like a no-brainer, but it's very easy to think you'll be just fine on a sunny summer afternoon only to find yourself overwhelmed by the heat of the noonday sun. Instead of venturing out when the sun's high, stick to the morning or evening hours when everything has cooled down.

Take Breaks

It's important to take breaks and cool down periodically. Stop in the shade, drink some water, and rest for a bit before continuing on your ride. This will help you stay safe and comfortable on hot summer rides.

Riding an electric scooter can feel exhilarating, and the breeze hitting your face might seem to bring the temps down. But we don't always know when we're close to overheating, or when an scooter might be getting too hot.

How to Keep Your Electric Scooter from Overheating on Summer Rides

Apollo Ghost e-scooter

Just like humans, electric scooters can overheat, and when they do it can not only affect the scooter's performance but can also cause serious problems, such as battery fires or the failure of essential electronic components.

To protect your electric scooter's battery, especially, you'll want to follow the tips below for keeping e scooters from overheating in warmer months.

Always Keep Your Scooter Clean

A scooter covered in dirt, grease, and grime will trap heat and its electrical components will be more subject to heat damage because it will be harder for them to discharge thermal buildup. A clean scooter will dissipate heat more efficiently.

Never Park Your Scooter in Direct Sunlight

If your scooter happens to be white (or a bright, reflective color), it will tend to stay cooler than most electric scooters, which have mostly black frames, stems, handlebars, and electrical components.

But whatever its color, you'll want to bring your scooter inside, if you can, when it's hot out. If you can't bring it in, the next best thing is the park your e scooter in the shade or in a garage.

You'll not only keep your vehicle safe from the heavy rain that sometimes shows up unannounced on hot days, but you'll keep it from overheating. An extended period of high temperature can kill a battery pack.

Even in the winter months, it's a good idea to keep an electric scooter out of direct sunlight.

Keep Your Speed Moderate

Keeping your speed down will help you ride safely. Going too fast also generates more heat, which can lead to the scooter's battery, motor, and other components overheating.

To avoid this, keep your speed moderate and avoid going too fast for too long. This will help extend the life of your e scooter.

Check the Tire Pressure

Proper tire pressure is important for maintaining your scooter's performance in any weather, but it's especially important in hot weather.

Check the pressure of your scooter's tires regularly, and keep them properly inflated. This will help reduce friction and prevent your scooter from overheating as you ride.

Do NOT Plug Your Scooter in to Charge Until the Battery Cools Down

Last thing (but certainly not least): when you bring in your electric scooter to charge after a long ride on a hot day, do NOT plug it in to charge until your scooter's battery has a chance to cool down to room temperature. Doing so can permanently damage your battery or other electronic components on your scooter and, at worst, can lead to thermal runaway and risk of fire.

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Table of contents

    1. Tips for Keeping your Temps Down
    2. Wear Light-Colored and Reflective Clothing
    3. Plenty of Vents
    4. Keep on the Shady Side of the Street
    5. Ride During Cooler Times of the Day
    6. Take Breaks
    7. How to Keep Your Electric Scooter from Overheating on Summer Rides
    8. Always Keep Your Scooter Clean
    9. Never Park Your Scooter in Direct Sunlight
    10. Keep Your Speed Moderate
    11. Check the Tire Pressure
    12. Do NOT Plug Your Scooter in to Charge Until the Battery Cools Down