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Sneak peek at Apollo Scooters' Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale: Exclusive Deals Await!

Apollo Scooters Black Friday 2023 Deals

Are you ready for the biggest shopping event of the year? Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner! For this occasion, Apollo has something special in store for you! Don't miss out on exclusive deals, including our Secret Sale. Why so secret? 

(for your eyes only)

Because the sale details are only disclosed to those who sign up for our newsletter. Psst! I can't say more due to my NDA, but it's worth it! 

What's the big deal?

You probably think it's just another Black Week, nothing to write home about. But wait for it. Apollo is just getting started.

Now that we've got your attention, we have a double-feature sale coming up.

The first one is our regular BF/CM sale we do every year. It sounds like a damp squib; it's anything but that. There will be a lot of great deals and opportunities to get your first or next Apollo scooter. 

So, what about the other one? Our second offer is exclusively for Apollo Scooter fans who subscribe to our newsletter. Returning the favor, you will receive deals you won't want to miss! Sounds good? That's because it is!

📧 Be the first in line for our secret Black Friday sale. Get early access to deals and receive a secret discount code!

What's changed at Apollo since last Black Friday?

Since Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2022, we have been busy introducing new models and accessories to elevate your “Apollo” experience. In other words, a lot has changed. 

New models

We recently launched our flagship model, our pride and joy, a pinnacle of luxury and comfort, Apollo Pro 2023. We also upgraded the Apollo Air, so be sure to check it out. But wait, there's more! We're currently working on two new models, the Apollo Go and Apollo Explore, which are slated for release in 2024. Head on over to our website to learn more about them. We can't wait to hear what you think!
Apollo Scooters Black Friday Deals 2023

Legacy models

The new models are the reason why you have a unique opportunity to get our legacy models without breaking the bank. They are still hale and hearty, and they would give many of our competitors' newest models a run for their money. So, check them out and become a happy owner of an Apollo scooter.  What are they exactly?

Apollo Ghost


Looking for a thrilling adventure? With a top speed of 34 mph, this premium performance scooter is perfect for speed lovers. Its dual spring suspension ensures a comfortable ride, no matter the terrain. And with up to 39 miles of range in eco-mode, your adventures are truly limitless. 

Apollo Phantom 

Apollo Phantom

Experience the future of transportation with the Apollo Phantom V2 electric scooter. This sleek and stylish scooter is not just about speed, as it can reach up to 43 mph, but it also prioritizes your comfort with its quadruple spring suspension. With an impressive 40-mile range, it's perfect for those longer journeys, allowing you to explore more and worry less about recharging. 

Why choose Apollo?

Apollo Scooters was born out of the desire to challenge the status quo in the industry and dedication to excellence. We aim to prove that the journey is more important than the destination, seeking to make daily trips the most enjoyable parts of our day. As Alan Watts once said, life is much like a dance. It’s not about getting to a particular destination on the dance floor but rather about the experience of dancing itself.

Putting YOU first

Apollo places a high emphasis on providing top-notch customer support services, ensuring that riders have the best experience possible from purchase to daily use. Among other things, you can expect:

  • Apollo's QC+ service guarantees that if any defect arises within the first 10 km or 30 days of use, customers can return the scooter and either get a free replacement or a full refund if a replacement isn't available.

  • Apollo has partnered with Extend to offer extended warranty services, covering accidental damage, mechanical and electrical failures, and even water damage. Customers have the flexibility to choose from various packages and can purchase them up to 90 days after their initial purchase.

  • Apollo has also introduced video support consultations, allowing customers to connect with expert technicians in real-time to resolve issues. They've also relaunched phone support, providing a direct line to specialists.

Learn more how about our customer service here.

High-Performance, High-Quality

At Apollo Scooters, we prioritize the quality of our products and our customers' satisfaction. For this reason, our scooters may have a slightly higher price tag than some other options. However, the additional investment is well worth it for our scooters' superior performance, longevity, and reliability.

Transparency and Feedback

Apollo values transparency and feedback. We made the development process of the Apollo Pro public to connect with our audience, share their challenges and triumphs, and gather valuable feedback to refine the Apollo scooters further. So, if you have any insights, drop us a line!

Vision for the Future

In Apollo's view, scooters are eco-friendly, fully functional commuter vehicles capable of replacing cars and buses. To that end, we're constantly improving our designs. 

Community Rides

Apollo Community Ride

Community rides are organized events where Apollo scooter enthusiasts come together to share their passion for riding, explore new routes, and connect with fellow riders. These rides not only offer an opportunity for riders to bond over shared experiences, but also let us connect with our customers.

Apollo has a very tight-knit community of riders, no matter where you live you probably will find some Apollo scooters enthusiasts. 

Join the Apollo Family

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But it's not just about the sales. Being a part of our mailing list means you're at the heart of the Apollo community, where the thrill of the ride meets unmatched exclusivity. Besides, read what others say about us below. 


Great business and superb customer service, I'm impressed.
Rob R.
I cannot tell you how impressed I am with this Scooter! It truly is a beast! If you wanna go fast with luxury, then buy it! You will not be disappointed.
Stephen Q.
Support is Awesome - Had to get a part under warranty and they jumped all over it getting it shipped asap. Apollo has not let me down yet!
Jaime E.

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    8. Transparency and Feedback
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