Redefining Scooter Ownership: Apollo Scooters' New Support Ecosystem

Our team at Apollo Scooters is excited to announce some game-changing updates to our customer support ecosystem, designed to provide you with an unparalleled scooter ownership experience. In this blog post, we will discuss the expansion of our support ecosystem, our focus on enabling better support tools, and exciting new changes coming to our Apollo Hubs and servicing network.

Expanding the Apollo Support Ecosystem: Apollo Plus

We're thrilled to introduce Apollo Plus, a suite of services aimed at supporting our customers throughout every step of the scooter ownership journey. Apollo Plus includes:

  • Ship+: Expedited shipping resolution service with free replacements in case of lost, stolen, or damaged scooters during shipping.
  • Apollo QC+: Ensuring a hassle-free experience for new scooter owners, offering free replacement scooters or refunds for defects within the first 10km or 30 days.
  • Apollo Warranty+ powered by Extend: In partnership with Extend, this service covers accidental damage, mechanical failure, electrical failure, and water damage for US customers with 1, 2, or 3-year packages. We are working hard to offer a similar service to Canadians in the near future. 

Improved Warranty Coverage for Current and Future Apollo Scooter Owners

Apollo is expanding its limited warranty coverage to include two times more components and parts. Additionally, we're extending our warranty by 3 months for all customers impacted by City 2022 delays last summer. Our warranty is now also transferable for those considering purchasing a used Apollo scooter.

 Apollo Scooters certified technician smiling while servicing e-scooter

Empowering Customers with Manuals, Guides, and Toolkits

We're providing updated manuals, preventative maintenance guides, and including screw sheets in every scooter box. Each scooter will also come with a free basic toolkit and QC Checklist card, ensuring you have all the tools and information you need for responsible scooter ownership.

Better Support Tools: Video Support, Phone Support, and Self-Service

We're introducing video support consultations, relaunching phone support, and offering new self-service options, such as:

Enhancing the Apollo Hubs and Servicing Network

We're excited to announce major updates to our Apollo Hubs, including:

  • New servicing packages: Basic, commuter, and enthusiast packages for a hassle-free scooter tune-up experience.
  • Care+: Covering preventative maintenance costs caused by normal wear and tear (launching this summer in cities with Apollo Hubs).
  • Test Drives: Available at our US Hubs, and coming to Canada in May.
  • Community events and ride-alongs at our Hubs.
  • Servicing Certification Program and Network Expansion: A framework for launching new Apollo Hubs and Certified Servicing Partners to provide local servicing options.
two Apollo Scooters technicians servicing an e-scooter together and working on the inside of the e-scooter deck


Apollo Scooters is committed to enhancing our customers' experience and providing faster, more efficient solutions to any requests. These new and improved initiatives demonstrate our dedication to providing the best possible support infrastructure for our customers. Get ready to enjoy your scooter ownership journey like never before with Apollo Scooters!



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