How Fast Are Electric Scooters Really?

How Fast Are Electric Scooters Really?

Do you have a need for speed? If so, an electric scooter may be the ideal micromobility vehicle for you. Unlike bicycles and skateboards, electric scooters have a powerful motor that can propel you forward fast. In turn, you won’t need to exert yourself to enjoy their high speeds.

So, how fast do e-scooters go? On average, electric scooters’ speed ranges from 15 to 30 miles per hour (24 to 48 kilometers per hour). However, some extra-speedy e-scooters can reach even greater top speeds. 

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Below, we’ll discuss what factors can influence an electric scooter’s speed. We’ll also review e-scooter speed limits, safety tips for riding fast, and the swiftest e-scooters on the market. 

How Fast Are Electric Scooters?

Every electric scooter has a set top speed. The average top speed for electric scooters is around 20 mph (32 kmh) (1). For most casual riders, 20 mph is more than enough speed to power them around town.

However, some thrill-seekers may still crave something a little more fast and furious. 

High-powered electric scooters can offer these riders top speeds of 30+ mph (48+ kmh).

How Fast Can Electric Scooters Go? Five Influential Factors

With so much variation among electric scooters’ speed, you may be wondering what allows certain models to whiz by faster than others. 

Here are five factors that play a role in how quick an electric scooter can go:

  • Motor – An electric scooter’s speed is determined by its motor. Some electric scooters have small motors with modest top speeds to match. Other e-scooters have more powerful motors, or even dual motors, allowing them to zip past in a flash. 
  • Battery capacity – Electric scooters are famously eco-friendly, due to their rechargeable batteries. These batteries do more than help out the environment—they also impact electric scooters’ speed.

    If an e-scooter battery’s charge is waning, even the most robust motor will struggle to reach its full speed potential. As a result, you may notice that your ride slows down when your battery runs close to zero. Fortunately, a quick charge can rejuvenate your e-scooter’s battery and restore its speed. 

Battery best practice: For the longest battery life, experts recommend avoiding over-charging. By charging up to 80%, you can maximize the battery life of your e-scooter.

  • Rider’s weight – An electric scooter’s speed is also influenced by its rider’s weight. Heavier riders usually require a little more motor power to propel them forward. In turn, it may take their e-scooter longer to accelerate to its top speed.
    Luckily, most e-scooter manufacturers let you know their models’ max loads. By selecting an e-scooter with an appropriate weight capacity, you’ll receive adequate support without sacrificing speed.

  • Tires – Just like riders, electric scooter tires can come in many different sizes. Taller, wider tires enable an electric scooter to go faster by:
    • Helping the e-scooter glide smoothly over potholes, curbs, and other bumps in the road.

    • Providing more grip and traction so the motor has an easier time propelling the vehicle forward at full speed.

Tire pressure can also impact an e-scooter’s speed. If your tires have gone soft, they may slow you down and reduce your riding range. 

  • Terrain – Many electric scooter riders only ever ride on smooth, manicured city streets. It’s easier to reach an electric scooter’s top speed on this type of terrain.
    If you want to explore rougher terrains or take on steep hills, it can slow down your speed in comparison. Bumps and hills place greater demands on your motor, making it harder for your e-scooter to maintain its top speed.

    Fortunately, some high-powered e-scooters are crafted to conquer natural terrains. They can handle off-roading excursions and the great outdoors at lickety-split speeds. You just need to select a model that was made for this purpose, like the Apollo Ghost.

As you can see, the answer to the question—how fast are e-scooters—isn’t so cut and dry. Top speeds ultimately depend on the electric scooter model, rider, and terrain. By investing in an electric scooter that’s right for your weight and riding preferences, you can optimize its top speed.

What is the Fastest Electric Scooter?

Now that you know which factors impact an electric scooter’s speed, you may be wondering “What is the fastest scooter on the market?”

While there are some electric scooters that boast speeds upwards of 55 mph (88 kmh), the safety risk and costs quickly outweigh the utility of this type of speed.

Additionally, it’s important to mention that most states and provinces have speed limits for e-scooters. E-scooter speed limits vary from city to city. However, the most common speed limit is 15 mph (24 kmh) (2). E-scooter speed limits only apply to public roads, such as bike paths or city streets. On private property, you can ride as fast as you like.

What Are The Best Fast E-Scooters?

If you’re ready to shop for a speedy ride of your own, there are several e-scooter models that offer outstanding speed, robust range, and comfortable suspension, all at price points that won’t break the bank. 

Here at Apollo Scooters, we offer plenty of high-performance e-scooter models:

  • Apollo Air and Apollo Air Pro – The Apollo Air is our most budget-friendly model, but don’t let that fool you—it offers power and speed you won’t find with other entry-level rides.
    With a starting price of $649 USD ($799 CAD), you can ride it up to 15 mph (24 kmh). If you want to go a little faster, the Apollo Air Pro offers a top speed of 18 mph (29 kmh) for just $150 USD more. Both models can comfortably carry riders who are up to 220 pounds.

    Another perk of both Apollo Air models is their portability. Weighing just 35 or 38.5 pounds respectively, these e-scooters can be ridden around town and carried onto public transportation, up your stairs to work, or into your local coffee shop with ease.

  • Apollo City – Made for the city commuter, the Apollo City has everything you need to traverse the city streets swiftly in style.

For $1,099 USD ($1,399 CAD), you can enjoy this e-scooter’s fast top speed of 25 mph (40 kmh). It also features bright LED safety lights, a dynamic braking system, and innovative suspension. 

Whether you want to ride to work or take a joyride on the weekends, the Apollo City can support you every mile of the way—it can hold up to 265 pounds with ease. 

  • Apollo Explore – Maybe you long to ride fast outside of the confines of the city. If so, the Apollo Explore was created just for you. This powerful e-scooter has what it takes to propel you over rocky roads, bumpy hills, and everything in between without missing a beat. 

For $1,799 CAD, you can enjoy its thrilling top speed of 31 mph (49 kmh). Due to its impressive speeds, you can cover a ton of ground on it, whether you’re exploring a local hiking trail or taking a spin on a private dirt track. 

Like the Apollo City, this durable e-scooter can hold riders who weigh up to 265 pounds. As an added perk, it also comes with cruise control, so you can set your speed to your local speed limit and forget it, evading any accidental speeding tickets when you ride on public roads.

  • Apollo Ghost – Want to experience speeds that are truly out of this world? If so, you need to summon the Apollo Ghost. 

For $1,599 USD ($1,999 CAD), this robust ride can take you up to 34 mph with its mighty double motor. The acceleration on this electric scooter is scary good. But don’t fear—you can slow down on a dime with its strong braking system. 

The Apollo Ghost is a sturdy vehicle, capable of holding riders of up to 300 pounds. It also features a stylish blue light strip on either side of its deck, so you can be just as flashy as you are fast. 

  • Apollo Phantom – Are you a true speed-seeker? If so, the Apollo Phantom can offer you the adrenaline rush you’re looking for. 

As our fastest electric scooter, the Apollo Phantom comes with a spectacular top speed of 38 mph (61 kmh). Like the Apollo Ghost, it can hold riders who are up to 300 pounds. 

In addition to its whirlwind speeds, the Apollo Phantom stands out for its quadruple suspension system, exceptional safety and security features, and proprietary HEX display. You can get all of its speed and more for $2,599 CAD.

How to Ride an Electric Scooter Fast Safely

Riding an electric scooter at its top speed can be an exhilarating experience. It can also be dangerous if you don’t take the proper safety precautions. 

Following your local speed limit laws is just one part of the equation. Before you begin revving that throttle, you should also: 

  • Put on a helmet – Whether you’re riding at 10 mph or 40 mph, wearing a helmet is essential. A helmet can save you from a serious head injury, especially if you take a tumble while riding at a higher speed.

  • Practice before you pick up the pace – Once you get your hands on a speedy e-scooter, you may be eager to take it out for a spin and experience its top speed first hand—but hold your horses

It’s important to do a few test runs at a slower pace while you’re still getting the hang of things. Consider practicing in an empty parking lot before venturing out into a crowded city street. This way, you can become more comfortable with the way your electric scooter accelerates, decelerates, and brakes.

  • Don’t forsake safety for speed – We get it—you want to go fast. And you can. Just be smart about it. Studies show that e-scooter injuries are correlated with riding speed, so the faster you go, the higher your chances are of getting hurt (3). With this in mind, make sure you go at an appropriate speed for your given situation.

    For instance, you may want to ride slower in a busy area where pedestrians, bikes, or cars could show up suddenly out of nowhere. Save those speed demon excursions for the empty, open road of private property.

Ride Like the Wind With an Apollo Scooter

As you now know, electric scooters are no strangers to speed. If you want to race past in a flash, there’s an e-scooter out there with your name on it. 

At Apollo Scooters, we have an e-scooter for riders on every side of the speed spectrum. Whether you want to stay safely within the speed limit or test out your top speed’s full potential, we have a model made just for you. Most importantly, all of our electric scooters are extensively safety tested and provide a quality of performance you won’t find anywhere else. 

Ready to indulge your need for speed? Explore our high-performance rides at Apollo Scooters today.


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