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Experience the Thrills and Perks of E-Scooters: The Must-Have Ride for Your Summer Escapades!

Experience the Thrills and Perks of E-Scooters: The Must-Have Ride for Your Summer Escapades!

We all know summer is the most anticipated time of year, especially after an intense winter. And the best feeling ever is when you leave for work in the morning, still half asleep, but then, as if by force, something pulls you out of this state. You rub your eyes in disbelief. The next thing you see is the contours of trees; as you squint to see more, you realize that it's summer in full swing. Sadly, you're ridiculously overdressed and need to change, or you’ll melt in the heat.

Indulge in the exhilaration of speed with the all-new Apollo Pro 2023. Featuring the cutting-edge LUDO Mode, this top-tier electric scooter unleashes the true potential of its 52V system, catapulting you from 0 to 30MPH in an astonishing 4.99 seconds.

What's more, it effortlessly cruises at a remarkable top speed of up to 44 mph. Elevate your ride today with the Apollo Pro 2023 – already available on our store! Pre-order now!

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Read on to discover how electric scooters can add a little zing to your summer days!

1. Stay cool

It's a warm summer day, the sun is shining, and a gentle breeze brushes through your hair. You're cruising effortlessly down the street, leaving nothing but a whisper in the air as you pass by. You don't feel the oppressive heat, neither you feel cold. You're not sweating. You feel in tune with the surrounding temperature to the point where you don't think about it as you're gliding further with a beaming smile on your face.

No gasoline fumes, no engine whirr, just you and the open road. Isn't it almost like a dream? Yes, indeed. Except for the part where it can easily become a reality.

This summer, it's time to embrace the future and switch to an electric scooter. And the above scene will surely become YOUR reality.

Take your Apollo electric scooter on a long summer ride
Take your Apollo on a long summer ride!

2. Be mindful

It's not hard to see why electric scooters are eco-friendly and how it may benefit you. During summer, especially, some of their environmental upsides tend to come to the fore:

  • Since even off-road electric scooters run on electricity instead of fossil fuels, they have zero tailpipe emissions. As a result, they don't emit greenhouse gases or air pollutants, which contribute to climate change. During summer, when people spend more time outside, this can reduce smog and keep the air cleaner.
  • Electric scooters use less energy to travel the same distance as gasoline-powered cars. It can reduce energy consumption and the environmental impact of generating electricity. (Yet, we must remember that it all depends on where it's sourced from. The positive effect on the environment will be marginal if it's coal.)
  • Electric scooters produce much less noise than traditional vehicles, which is great during summertime when people are outside more and tend to leave their windows open. Especially in densely populated areas, this can make a huge difference.
  • Using electric scooters can encourage people to live a more active lifestyle, as they require some physical effort. By doing this, you can stay healthier on the outside as well as on the inside.
  • Unlike cars, electric scooters take up less space on the road, which can relieve traffic congestion. As a result, commute times could be shorter, car emissions could be lower, and summer could be much more enjoyable for all and sundry. Choosing e-scooters instead of cars lowers your carbon footprint and shows that you care about the environment.

3. Scooter and save

When compared with traditional gasoline-powered engines, electric scooters offer several financial benefits. Some of the key cost savings are:

  • Since electricity is usually cheaper than gasoline, e-scooters can save you a lot of money. Costs can be cut even more if you charge your ride at public charging stations. Plus, electric vehicles are generally more energy-efficient, meaning you can go further on a single charge.
  • With fewer moving parts, electric scooters wear out less and need less maintenance. Besides, they're less likely to break down than gasoline-powered vehicles. 
  • Lightweight electric scooters like Apollo Air are typically compact, and you can fold them up, saving even more money on parking bills or tickets. 
  • Having fewer parts to wear out over time means electric scooters have a longer lifespan than gasoline-powered vehicles. As a result, their depreciation rate is slower, helping maintain their resale value.

4. No traffic, no problem

E-scooters are not just for fun. They also should be practical. And they definitely check that box twice over. When commuting to work, you no longer have to waste your time in traffic jams or get elbowed from each side on overcrowded municipal transportation. 

Then again, you're not bound by the quality of the city transport system either. Your fate is not in the hands of timetables, delays, or unforeseen emergencies. You decide when you leave and when you reach your destination.

Hop on your ride anytime and relax before work. And when you finally get there, you'll be less stressed, bruised, and frustrated. Additionally, you won't get all sweaty because you had to cycle like a maniac to make it on time. Ahh, that's the way to start your day, for instance, with Apollo City

Riding an electric scooter is a great way to avoid traffic jams
Just imagine a world without traffic jams!

5. Venture on an adventure!

With the advent of new technologies, e-scooters’ range has significantly increased. This is good news for you cause it means you can pack a couple of things and hit the road almost wherever you feel like it, especially on a tight budget. 

Take your Apollo Phantom for one of your summer escapades, and you will quickly realize it is Robin to your Batman, and only together can you conquer the streets and fight off boredom. It has a powerful motor, great range, and all the specs that might come in handy on your swashbuckling expeditions. 

6. Fun in the sun 

Undeniably, riding your electric scooter is a whole lot of fun. That's why you are in for a daring adventure every time you use it, no matter where you're going or what for. Unlike your childhood kick scooter, an electric engine propels e-scooters, and a powerful one at that, which makes the entire experience even more thrilling. 

Summer electric scooter rides can be amazing

We use logic and reason to justify our decision whenever we want to buy something. Hence, we find out all the ins and outs of the product and how it could benefit us to meet that condition. And obviously, electric scooters have many perks; you know them all by now, but this recreational aspect is what it all comes down to. Because we all crave what we have lost in childhood, the ability to have unadulterated fun regardless of time, place, and circumstances.

Wrapping up

And there you have it! As the sun sets on our e-scooter escapade, it's crystal clear that these zippy little wonders are the ultimate summer sidekicks. Not only do they bring a jolt of fun and excitement to your adventures, but they're also eco-friendly, convenient, and cost-effective. 

So, where can you find these magnificent e-steeds, you ask? Look no further than Apollo – your one-stop shop for the highest quality electric scooters, tailor-made for your thrilling adventures. Don't just stand there. The summer is just around the corner, so make the most of it with an Apollo e-scooter.

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