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Electric Scooter Guide 2020 | Ranked and Reviewed by Apollo Experts

Electric Scooter Guide 2020 | Ranked and Reviewed by Apollo Experts | Apollo Scooters Canada

The Apollo Electric Scooter Guide for 2020

Expert round up and review of electric scooters offering best value for money in the upcoming year.

When it comes to electric scooters, it seems that there’s never been more choice than now. With a constant stream of new products on Indiegogo and Kickstarter, and updated versions of 2019 favorites from Mercane and Ninebot, we are becoming overwhelmed with options and features. Are hand warming handlebars and yet another scooter app absolutely necessary? Is it best to focus on the basics – range and motor power? These are the questions we get asked on a daily basis, so we put together this guide to separate the marketing fluff from the value-add features and help you figure out what’s best for you. We’ll also dive into less sexy subjects like maintenance and repairs, and leave you with a clear answer – is this the right scooter for you? Let’s do it!

The evolution of the worlds’ best selling scooter – the Xiaomi M365. The Pro version was released in 2019 and features a 300W upgraded motor, a 12aH battery (which translates into 30-35KM of realistic range), and at last – an LCD display. Otherwise, the scooter remains unchanged and for good reason. The M365 has been the best selling scooter all around the globe since 2017, due to it’s affordable price tag ($750-850CAD depending on the time of year), attractive design, and reliable performance. This is a truly fantastic scooter for those looking to cover distances of around 2-3KM per trip in moderate to easy terrain, without any bells and whistles. It’s an extremely solid scooter that won’t stop working when you need it most. One consideration to keep in mind is that it does come with 8.5 inch air tires, which are the only form of suspension. Therefore given the amount of shock they absorb, it’s not uncommon for riders to get flats. An easy solution is buying from sellers who offer wear and tear protection, or grabbing a pair of honeycomb tires from the get go. Overall great entry level scooter for short-distance riders with basic features at a great price. Learn more about it here.

Introduced through a Kickstarter campaign in mid-2019, the Max officially hit the streets in the later months of the year. At first, you will notice glaring similarities to the Xiaomi M365 Pro. That’s because Xiaomi and Ninebot are co-owned by the same holding company. The similarities extend beyond common shareholders though, the frames are made from the same type of metal alloy, both scooters can be operated via the Ninebot app (therefore sharing software), and many components are identical like the display or disc brake mechanism. Where the Ninebot Max begins to stand out is battery performance. With an advertised range of 65KM, and a realistic distance of 50KM, it offers one of the best batteries in this price category. In addition, it is equipped with a fast charger (6H for full charge) and it has a built-in adapter (meaning all you need to charge it is a cable). Based on these features alone, it’s easy to see that this electric scooter was built for scooter sharing companies and not individual consumers. Perhaps it’s this combination of performance and durability that makes it so loved by riders all around the world. If you’re looking for a longer distance vehicle, one packed with smart features (like self-healing tires and re-gen braking), but without breaking the bank – this is it. Any other vehicle in this range category will be at least 50% heavier and likely more expensive. Ninebot’s done it again. Learn more about it here.

Mercane’s 2019 model needs no introduction. The new 2020, Mercane Widewheel Pro, however is worth diving deeper into. Retailing for $1599CAD (at the time of writing this article), this is the most torque and power you can find at this price point. Make no mistake, though 1000W may not sound impressive, the magic lays in the design – two 500W motors offer much more acceleration than a single 1000W motor. In addition, the new 15aH battery has an advertised range of 60KM (realistic range of 45KM), and the improvements in frame design make the new Mercane Widewheel one of the most stable and well balanced scooters we’ve seen to date. At last, Mercane also went ahead with the LCD display which we’ve been demanding since the 2018 model came out. Overall, the 2020 Mercane Widewheel feels like the first real version of the Widewheel, rendering the previous models prototypes. Following the brake calliper failure popularized by the US distributor Fluidfreeride, we are re-assured to see Mercane add an extra brake in the front. While we haven’t seen this issue impact our Canadian shipments and continue to do thorough quality checks prior to fulfilling orders, it’s reassuring to see Mercane step up and add extra safety measures. If you are looking for a powerful scooter with great hill climbing abilities, one that won’t shy away from the occasional trail ride, and one that will definitely leave cyclists (and sometimes cars) behind, this is the one. Learn more about it here.

Though it’s not a newcomer, the Evolv Pro/Zero 10X scooters continue to impress in this category. With two 1000W motors (one in the front and one in the rear), dual spring suspension, and 10 inch air-filled tires, the Evolv Pro/Zero 10X elecvtric scooters dominate over all other options. The handling is superb, acceleration strong (giving it power to spare when climbing hills), and the option to upgrade to winter/off-road tires is all we need to seal the deal. Though it weighs 35KG, therefore landing on the heavier side, we don’t mind the extra weight as it stabilizes the ride on rougher terrain. The 22.4aH LG battery easily delivers well over 50KM of range (with 70KM of advertised distance) and we appreciate the additional charging port to speed up the process. The overall built quality suggests this scooter is not one for city riding, instead it is an absolute beast of a scooter designed from wheel to wheel for demanding trails and long distance trips. If you are looking for ultimate power, performance, and range – the Evolv Pro/Zero 10X won’t disappoint. Learn more about it here.

If none of the categories fit what you’re looking for, this one will. If you’re looking for an all around well-built electric scooter, with good (but not excessive) performance, one that looks like something you wouldn’t be embarrassed to bring into the office… meet the Evolv Tour/Zero 9. At an affordable price point of $1299-1499 (depending on the battery configuration), this scooter combines the best features of all the above models. Starting with an intuitive LCD display, pointing finger throttle (rather than a thumb one), dual suspension (spring in the front and hydraulic in the rear) plus air-filled tires, you will feel in-control and comfortable even during longer trips. The 600W rear motor has enough power to reach 40KM/H which is usually enough for most city riders. The battery will deliver around 40KM of realistic range, which once again is enough for a week of commuting based on average distances. The Evolv Tour/Zero 9 folds in under 3 seconds and weights only 18KG, making it light enough to carry to class or office. This mix of power, range, portability, and good looks makes it a winning electric scooter – a true commuter vehicle you can rely on, and one that will likely outlast many of its competitors. Learn more about it here.

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Table of contents

    1. Expert round up and review of electric scooters offering best value for money in the upcoming year.
    2. Best Budget Scooter - Xiaomi M365 Pro
    3. Best Long Range Scooter - Ninebot Max
    4. Best Power and Speed - Mercane Widewheel Pro (2020)
    5. Best Off-Road – Evolv Pro/Zero 10X
    6. Best Overall Value – Evolv Tour/Zero 10