Breaking Down the Costs of Electric Scooters for Adults

Breaking Down the Costs of Electric Scooters for Adults

People who ride and write about electric scooters often get asked, “are electric scooters expensive?” or the even more broad, “how much do electric scooters cost?” Just as bikes come in tiers – from kids and entry-level to professional models – so do electric scooters. 

There are scooters out there for every kind of rider. The quick and dirty answer is, “anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to around six or seven thousand.” Maybe that’s not so helpful for your budgeting purposes, though. 

The longer answer is that electric scooters have different costs based on their intended use, user, and the materials and design and engineering elements that go into their construction. In this post, we’ll look at the different cost tiers of electric scooters for adults to find out what electric scooters cost, on average, and why their prices can range so widely. 

We’ll also look at examples of Apollo electric scooters at different price tiers and compare them to other scooters in their class. 

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Affordable Electric Scooter Options

For those on a budget, there are plenty of affordable electric scooter options available in the market. These scooters may be priced lower than their counterparts, but they still offer great value and performance. When considering budget-friendly electric scooters, it is essential to look for models that balance cost-effectiveness with quality.

But what exactly makes these affordable electric scooters a great choice? Let's take a closer look at two popular options:

The TurboAnt M10 Pro $757 CAD

One popular option for affordable electric scooters is the TurboAnt M10 Pro. This scooter offers comparatively long range at a very competitive price point. 

With its sleek design and impressive performance, it's no wonder that the M10 has gained a loyal following among budget-conscious consumers.

The TurboAnt M10 Pro does struggle a little on steeper hills, however, and it’s not the best choice for heavier riders. 

The NIU KQi2 Pro – $599 CAD

Another budget-friendly option worth considering is the NIU KQi2 Pro This scooter boasts a sleek, minimalist design and offers excellent performance per dollar. With features such as 10” pneumatic tires and a long, skateboard-like deck, the KQi2 Pro is a great choice for commuters.

NIU scooters are well-known for their build quality and reliability. You can step up to models like the KQi3 Pro and KQi3 Max for a few hundred dollars more, and get more range and higher top speeds. 

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Tips for Finding Quality at a Lower Price Point

When searching for an affordable electric scooter, it is important to prioritize quality. To ensure you are getting the best value for your money, consider the following tips:

  1. Research different brands and models to compare specifications, customer feedback, and reliability.
  2. Read reviews from verified buyers to get insights into the scooter's performance and durability.
  3. Consider purchasing from reputable retailers or authorized dealers to ensure authenticity and warranty coverage.
  4. Check for any ongoing promotions, discounts, or bundle deals that may offer additional savings.

By following these tips, you can make an informed decision and find an affordable electric scooter that meets your needs without compromising on quality. Remember, budget-friendly options don't have to mean sacrificing performance or durability.

Premium Budget Option: The Apollo Air – $1,199 CAD

While it’s pricier than the brand mentioned above, the Apollo Air is an excellent upgrade for a beginner scooter that has some of the best-rated reliability and most innovative features you’ll find on any entry-level electric scooter. 

Features include Apollo’s award-winning app and top-notch warranty service, as well as motorcycle-like front suspension, handlebar-end turn signals, tubeless self-healing tires, and a wide, rubber-covered deck that you won’t find on other scooters at this price. 

Stepping Up Your Electric Scooter Game

If you are willing to invest a bit more in your electric scooter, you can enjoy additional features and performance. Mid-range electric scooters offer a perfect balance between affordability and enhanced functionality.

Features to Look for in Mid-Range Electric Scooters

When considering mid-range electric scooters, it is crucial to look for features that align with your specific needs and preferences. Some important features to consider include:

  • Increased range: Look for scooters with a longer battery life to cover more distance on a single charge.
  • Improved performance: Consider scooters with higher maximum speeds and enhanced acceleration capabilities.
  • Advanced safety features: Look for scooters with features such as LED lights, disc brakes, and shock-absorbing systems for a safer riding experience.
  • Upgraded design and build quality: Consider scooters with premium materials and attention to detail for added durability and style.

Having a longer battery life is not only convenient for longer rides, but it also allows you to explore new areas without worrying about running out of power. Imagine gliding through the city streets, effortlessly maneuvering through traffic, and enjoying the freedom of an extended range.

When it comes to performance, a mid-range electric scooter with higher maximum speeds and enhanced acceleration capabilities can provide an exhilarating experience. Feel the rush as you zip through the streets, effortlessly overtaking other vehicles, and arriving at your destination in record time.

But it's not just about functionality; aesthetics matter too. Mid-range electric scooters with upgraded design and build quality can turn heads as you ride by. Premium materials and attention to detail not only enhance the scooter's durability but also add a touch of style to your daily commute.

Getting More Bang for Your Buck with Intermediate Models

There are several popular intermediate electric scooter models on the market that offer exceptional value for their price. Some notable options include the [brand/model name] and the [brand/model name]. These scooters offer a winning combination of performance, features, and affordability.

Apollo Go – $1,599 CAD

The new Apollo Go is a premium dual motor electric scooter that rides like a mini-Apollo Pro and has many of the same features, including the option to use your phone as your primary display. This scooter is build like nothing else on the road, with a 360-degree lighting profile for the ultimate visibility at night.


EMOVE Cruiser S – $1,956 CAD

The EMOVE Cruiser S stands out for its impressive range and robust build quality. With its dual suspension and 10-inch tubeless tires, it provides a delightful riding experience that justifies its moderate price tag.

VMAX VX4 GT – $2,095 CAD

Another top choice is the VMAX VX4, which offers a powerful high-torque motor and long-lasting battery. The is a worthy investment for those seeking a high-performing electric scooter, and it’s a great choice for heavier riders. 

Apollo City $2,099 CAD

The Apollo City is a classic commuter scooters for good reason. With some of the highest water resistance on the market, a sleek design, smooth dual suspension, tubeless self-healing 10-inch tires, and 27-mph top speed, the Apollo City is well worth the investment. 


Investing in a mid-range electric scooter allows you to elevate your riding experience with 

enhanced features and performance. Whether you prioritize increased range, improved performance, advanced safety features, or upgraded design and build quality, there is a mid-range electric scooter out there that will meet your needs. So why settle for less when you can step up your electric scooter game and enjoy the best of both worlds?

Top-of-the-Line Electric Scooters Worth the Investment

For enthusiasts who are willing to invest more in their electric scooter, there is a range of top-of-the-line models available. These premium scooters provide unmatched performance, luxury features, and exquisite design.

When it comes to top-of-the-line electric scooters, the investment is not just in a mode of transportation but in a lifestyle. These high-end scooters are designed to cater to the discerning rider who values both functionality and style. From cutting-edge technology to superior craftsmanship, every aspect of these scooters is engineered to provide an unparalleled riding experience.

Electric Scooter Sale

Luxury Features of High-End Electric Scooters

High-end electric scooters often come equipped with advanced features and innovative technology. Some luxury features to look for in these scooters include:

  • Integrated GPS system for navigation and tracking.
  • Smartphone connectivity for features such as ride tracking and customization.
  • Advanced suspension systems for a smooth and comfortable ride and off-road capability
  • High-performance motors and batteries for excellent speed and range.
  • Customizable LED lighting options for added visibility and style.

Why Premium Electric Scooters Stand Out

Premium electric scooters stand out not only for their exceptional features but also for their attention to detail and build quality. These scooters often utilize premium materials such as carbon fiber or high-grade aircraft aluminum alloy, resulting in lightweight yet sturdy construction.

Moreover, high-end electric scooters undergo more rigorous testing and quality control processes to ensure reliability and durability. Each component is carefully selected and integrated to work seamlessly, providing a cohesive and high-performing vehicle.

Some notable high-end electric scooter brands include Kaabo and NAMI. These companies are renowned for their commitment to innovation, performance, and style. By investing in a premium electric scooter, you can enjoy a truly luxurious riding experience.

Apollo Phantom V4 - $2,399 CAD

The fourth version of the performance scooter that more or less created the category, the Apollo Phantom V4 has got high speed, long range, excellent ride quality and the best regenerative braking system on the market.

Apollo Pro – $3,999

The Apollo Pro is, in every way, a luxury scooter, with huge 12-inch tires and 6,000W of peak power to take on pretty much any hill or obstacle you’ll encounter. The Pro is not the fastest electric scooter you can buy – it’s possible to spend a couple thousand dollars more and own one of the fastest electric scooters ever made. But good luck trying to find a place to ride it. 

The Apollo Pro’s top speed of 44 mph is more than enough for city streets and off-road trails; it’s the perfect scooter to take you from the office to the solitude of the trail in minutes, or just get you home in maximum, future-proof style. 

Decoding the Price Variations in Electric Scooters

Electric scooter prices can vary significantly based on several factors. Understanding these factors will help you make an informed decision when comparing scooter prices.

Understanding the Factors Behind Electric Scooter Pricing

Some key factors that contribute to electric scooter pricing are:

  1. Brand reputation and recognition: Established brands tend to price their scooters higher due to their reputation for quality and reliability.
  2. Performance and features: Scooters with advanced features, superior performance, and longer battery life are generally priced higher.
  3. Build quality and materials used: Scooters constructed with premium materials such as carbon fiber or high-grade aluminum typically come with a higher price tag.
  4. Research and development costs: Companies that invest heavily in research and development to bring innovative technologies and features to their scooters may price them accordingly.

How to Determine Value When Comparing Electric Scooter Costs

When comparing electric scooter costs, it is crucial to consider the overall value the scooter offers. While a higher-priced scooter may seem expensive initially, it may provide better performance, durability, and additional features that justify the cost.

Consider factors such as warranty coverage, customer support, and the reputation of the brand. Additionally, factor in the long-term savings on fuel costs and maintenance that an electric scooter provides compared to traditional vehicles.

Another important aspect to consider when evaluating the value of an electric scooter is its range. The range refers to the distance the scooter can travel on a single charge. A scooter with a longer range may be more expensive, but it allows you to travel further without worrying about recharging.

Furthermore, it's worth noting that the design and aesthetics of an electric scooter can also influence its price. Scooters with sleek and stylish designs may come at a premium compared to more basic-looking models. However, if you value aesthetics and want a scooter that stands out from the crowd, it may be worth investing in a visually appealing option.

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Table of contents

    1. Affordable Electric Scooter Options
    2. The TurboAnt M10 Pro $757 CAD
    3. The NIU KQi2 Pro – $599 CAD
    4. Tips for Finding Quality at a Lower Price Point
    5. Premium Budget Option: The Apollo Air – $1,199 CAD
    6. Stepping Up Your Electric Scooter Game
    7. Features to Look for in Mid-Range Electric Scooters
    8. Getting More Bang for Your Buck with Intermediate Models
    9. Apollo Go – $1,599 CAD
    10. EMOVE Cruiser S – $1,956 CAD
    11. Apollo City $2,099 CAD
    12. Top-of-the-Line Electric Scooters Worth the Investment
    13. Luxury Features of High-End Electric Scooters
    14. Why Premium Electric Scooters Stand Out
    15. Apollo Phantom V4 - $2,399 CAD
    16. Apollo Pro – $3,999
    17. Decoding the Price Variations in Electric Scooters
    18. Understanding the Factors Behind Electric Scooter Pricing
    19. How to Determine Value When Comparing Electric Scooter Costs