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Apollo Phantom V3 Upgrade Kit

Apollo Phantom V3 Upgrade Kit

After numerous tests and multiple iterations, we are happy to announce the release of the Phantom V3 Upgrade Kit straight from our innovation lab. This upgrade is compatible with the Phantom V2, the most powerful scooter in our line-up. When installing this upgrade kit, the riding experience will become more thrilling than ever before. The upgrade kit includes ergonomic throttles, an improved display, and the proprietary MACH 1 controller to power-up up the scooter.

The MACH 1 controller is the power engine of the upgrade kit. Carefully developed by the innovation team, it is designed to take the riding experience to the next level by providing superior control and performance. Installing the controller will allow the Phantom to unlock the LUDO mode, an increase in top speed up to 40 mph. The controller is also responsible for App-Compatibility. While App compatibility is not new for Apollo, it is the first time that a high-performance scooter incorporates app control. It will allow users to track their trips, measure their stats, and personalize the riding preferences to make the journey top-in-class.


 The Phantom V3 Upgrade kit will give riders unprecedented control over acceleration and braking. The throttle has been tested for maximum comfort while riding, due to its thoughtfully designed ergonomic shape and the careful calibration to activate the throttle. The throttle, paired with the new display gives riders an out of the world rider experience. With the new display riders will now be able to visualize their riding stats more easily. This new display integrates speed, battery life, riding modes, and even distance traveled.

On the purchase of the upgrade kit, customers will receive a video walkthrough of how to install the upgrade. Although it is designed for easy installation in under 30 minutes, it is recommended that users attend to the nearest repair center to help with the installation process for warranty purposes.

Reservation started on August 26th 2022 for a $20 fully refundable fee. Deliveries are expected to occur in November 2022. To learn more, watch here!

About Apollo

Apollo Scooters is a leading mobility company, proudly headquartered in Montreal, Canada. Short-distance travel represents 80% of all trips we take, and Apollo is on a mission to make it better. Apollo designs and manufactures next-generation vehicles that merge hardware and software into a seamless experience. Whether you are commuting, traveling, or simply taking a ride for fun, Apollo recognizes that the journey is as important as the destination, and is determined to meet the expectations. Apollo is formed by a dynamic and energetic team with big ambitions that has managed to become a market leader in a short period of time.

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