Apollo Rover

<p> Meet Apollo Rover</p> <p> Meet Apollo Rover</p>

Meet Apollo Rover

Meet your new commuter powerhouse. While "Rover" is on our radar, we're seeking community input to finalize its name. Sign up now to stay updated and get first access to reserve upon its release.

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Sleek. Slim. Speedy. Sleek. Slim. Speedy.

Sleek. Slim. Speedy.

Introducing our forthcoming dual-motor dynamo: Designed for you to achieve speeds up to 44 KM/H with a 48-KM range, all encased in a durable IP66 water-resistant frame that weighs less than 50 lbs. — Expected to start at $1399 CAD.

Bringing Next-Gen Tech Within Reach Bringing Next-Gen Tech Within Reach

Bringing Next-Gen Tech Within Reach

Key features from our luxury Apollo Pro — like the 360-Degree COB Lighting, Unibody Frame, Phone-as-display — will now be available in our newest offering, making top-tier tech attainable for all.

Commute Without Compromise Commute Without Compromise

Commute Without Compromise

  • Stay Ahead: Dual 350W motors with a peak output of 1420W ensure you never fall behind.
  • Go the Distance: Our 36V 15Ah, 21700 cell battery lets you cover up to 48 km on a single charge.
  • Ride with Confidence: 9-inch self-healing tires combined with dual rear spring suspension guarantee smooth rides every time.

Safety Tailored to You Safety Tailored to You

Safety Tailored to You

  • Smooth Stops, Always: With our regen brake throttle and reliable drum brakes, you'll be in full control of every stop.
  • Shine Bright in Traffic: With our 360-lighting and intuitive turn signals, you'll stand out and stay safe.
  • Your Ride, Your Rules: Use the Apollo app to effortlessly secure your scooter and fine-tune settings to match your comfort.



  • What are the specifications?

    Here are the main specifications of the Apollo Rover to date:



    Up to 44 KM/H


    Up to 48 KM


    36V 15Ah, 21700 cells


    Self-healing tires, 9 inches tall x 2 inches wide


    Dual Regenerative braking system with a rear drum brake


    Rear dual spring with rear rubber absorber block


    Your smart phone, D.O.T. built-in display


    49 lbs

    Scooter Weight

    265 lbs

    Max. Rider Load

    Approx. 7.5 hrs

    Charging time

  • What are the features?

    Here are the main specifications of the Apollo Rover to date:

    Dual 350W motors offer unmatched power, ensuring zippy accelerations and maintaining top speeds.

    Unparalleled Dual Motors

    Travel up to 48 km on a single charge in eco mode (15 kmh), making it ideal for both short commutes and longer explorations.

    Extended Journey Range
    Three gears tailored to your speed preference: cruise leisurely to 15 kmh in eco mode, 29 kmh in normal, or zip through streets at speeds up to 44 kmh in sports mode.

    Adaptive Gear System
    Benefit from dual-braking: A reliable rear drum brake paired with a regenerative braking system that works with both motors for smooth, controlled stops.

    Secure & Smooth Braking
    Crafted from single cast aerospace-grade aluminum, offering strength while keeping the total weight below 50 lbs.

    Lightweight & Durable
    Effortlessly monitor your ride with a DOT display and the option to use your phone for enhanced navigation by placing it on the integrated Quad Lock phone mount (non-wireless charging, Quad Lock case sold seperately)

    Intuitive Display System with Quad Lock phone mount
    App-enabled features offer tailored riding experiences, from tracking your routes to adjusting scooter settings.

    Customizable Ride Experience
    Stay visible and safe with integrated headlights, stem LED, and turning signals on both the handlebar and rear body.

    360-degree lighting for ultimate visibility
    Ride with confidence on 9-inch pneumatic, flat-proof tires ensuring fewer interruptions and more cruising.

    Puncture-Free Rides
    Unibody frame made of Single Cast-Aerospace grade aluminum, and AG geometry make it extremely durable, intuitive and very comfortable to ride.

    Max. Rider Support - Tested for 10,000 km

    Track the health of the battery in real time, the temperature, and how long until the next charge.

    BMS (Battery Management System)

    Smart Sinewave Controller with temperature monitoring system.

    Smart Controller for optimized performance

  • When will it become available for pre-order?

    The Apollo Rover (final name t.b.c.) is anticipated to become available for pre-order sometime in October. Please note that dates are subject to confirmation. Sign up to be among the first to receive updates about its release and to access all the exclusives. By registering, you'll also have the chance to weigh in on the final name choice!

  • When are deliveries expected to happen?

    The delivery date of the Apollo Rover is expected by March 2024. We will keep all those who will place pre-orders updated throughout the process about any updates to the delivery timeline.

  • Will there be any financing options?

    Yes! You can finance your purchase on a monthly basis with Affirm.

    Canadian shoppers can also pay in 4 interest-free payments with Sezzle.

    Learn more about our financing options right here: https://apollo-help-center.gorgias.help/en-US/do-we-offer-financing-24688

  • What development stage are you at?

    We're have completed the 2nd version of the Apollo Rover prototype and are currently developing the 3rd version which is already very close to final production standards thanks to the experience gained from our past releases such as the Apollo Pro.

    We invite you to view the V2 Walkthrough of the Apollo Rover on our YouTube channel.

  • Is this the final design?

    We would like to bring to your attention that the version of the Apollo Rover showcased on this page represents its current design and features. As we are constantly striving for excellence and innovation, this model may undergo refinements and enhancements over time. Consequently, the final version that rolls out might have slight differences from what you see now. Rest assured, while there may be adjustments and upgrades, the core essence and the majority of its design elements will remain very similar to the current depiction. We appreciate your understanding and are always committed to delivering the best to our community.

  • What will be the warranty policy?

    The Apollo Rover will come with a 12-Month Limited Warranty. Please refer to the Limited Warranty for a full outline of the policy and exclusions: https://apollo-help-center.gorgias.help/en-US/12-month-limited-warranty-policy-24659

    Additionally, we are thrilled to introduce a **NEW 10,000km Warranty** on the scooter's frame, ensuring that any issues with the metal frame will be resolved free of charge.

  • Will I be able to purchase extended warranty when I pre-order?

    Extended warranty options are currently only available to US residents, but our team is working hard to bring this to Canada as well.

    You can learn more about it here: https://apollo-help-center.gorgias.help/en-US/what-does-extend-extended-warranty-cover-230320