Xiaomi M365 Set Up Guide

This is a list of recommended steps to follow prior to riding your Xiaomi M365 electric scooter for the first time. This is not a "how-to-use-your-scooter-guide", if that's what you're looking for, you can find it here. If anything is unclear or you have additional questions, feel free to contact us at support@apollomvmt.com

Start by unboxing your Xiaomi M365

Inside of the box there should be the following contents: Xiaomi M365 electric scooter, Xiaomi manual, charger (sometimes made up of an adapter and a separate wall plug), an air tube for pumping tires, and lastly a T-key for setting up the screws attached to your handle bar. Pull the electric scooter and the remaining contents out of the box - you will need them all before your first ride.

Unfold the Xiaomi M365 and stand it up

Many owners of Xiaomi M365 electric scooter try to set it up in an awkward position. This makes the process longer and more difficult - so help us out by unfolding the scooter from the start and standing it upright using the kickstand. Find a bright space and set aside 5 minutes to get through the next few steps.

Attach the handle bar to the stem

The handle bar arrives detached from the rest of the body for packaging reasons. It should still be connected by a single cable when you take it out. Simply remove the carton box from the handle bar and slide it into the stem. Make sure the cables fit inside of the aluminium stem. Your Xiaomi M365 electric scooter is starting to look ready!

Screw in the two front screws

Arguable one of the less exciting parts of the set up process, but critically important nonetheless. These screws are holding your handle bar and stem together - you probably want to keep it this way, especially while riding. Simply use the attached T-key to screw in two screws into the holes in front of the stem. In case you can't find the screws, they should be in a plastic bag taped to the left side of the handle bar.

...and then screw in the two screws in the back

Ying and yang, right? If you do two screws in the front, you have to do two in the back. Simply repeat the above steps, except this time screw in the two screws in the back of the handle stem. Hang in there - almost done!

Get your tires pumped (literally)

Ha ha ha... bad jokes aside, this is pretty important. Make sure the tire pressure is approximately 35PSI. Most tire pumps have a display that indicates the level of PSI once the nozzle is attached. Getting this step wrong can lead to your Xiaomi M365 consuming too much power when riding (if tires are flat) or poor shock absorption (if tires are over-inflated).

Charge your Xiaomi M365 until full

You will likely notice the Xiaomi electric scooter comes with 50-75% charge out of the factory. To maximize the longevity of your battery and keep it in good health, it's good practice to fully charge your battery before first use. Simply grab the charger and plug one end into the wall, and the other into the charging port on the base of your scooter. When the scooter is charging, the charger should show a solid red light. Once full, it will switch to sold green. Don't worry about overcharging - this scooter comes equipped with a smart battery management system which protects the cells from overcharging damage. Not bad!

Connect the app for more insights

One of the coolest features of the Xiaomi M365 is that it's app-enabled. Download the "Segway-Ninebot" app to get started - we know, this is not a mistake. Ninebot and Xiaomi scooters are manufactured by the same holding company and the app works great with both brands. Anyway, make sure your scooter is on when you open the app and pair them together. Then explore the app and follow the on-screen instructions.