Mercane Widewheel Set Up

This is a list of recommended steps to follow prior to riding your Mercane Widewheel electric scooter for the first time. This is not a "how-to-use-your-scooter-guide", if that's what you're looking for, you can find it here. If anything is unclear or you have additional questions, feel free to contact us at

Fun things first - take this bad boy out of the box

The box may not look like much, but the contents are essential to using your scooter. Aside from your brand new bat mobile, you will also find a toolkit with the manual (and your Mercane keys - very important) and the charger box (also very important). Make sure you take everything out in a spot with a bit of room as you will need to move around and adjust a few things before getting started. FYI in case you are wondering why there is Apollo branded tape on top of your box - that's because we open every single scooter we ship to inspect it and make sure you are receiving a 100% functional product.

Stand up your Mercane tall and proud

Before you start, pull the kickstand out - it will make the rest of the process easier. To unfold your Mercane, unscrew the folding knob until you see a small gap between the plastic knob and metal frame. Once the gap is visible, push the knob towards the scooter and you will notice the gap shift from in-between plastic and frame to in-between metal parts. This space will loosen them up enough for the folding/unfolding to take place. Once unfolded, you should feel the stem click into position. Next, tighten the knob as much as possible before proceeding.

Time to open up the command centre

The handle bar is your connection to the scooter. To get it ready, simply remove the rubber band and plastic wrap protecting it, and open up both arms until they click into place. You should notice the sliding brackets lock your handlebar straight - a little bit of looseness at this point is normal.

Tighten your throttle and get ready for some speed

You will notice the throttle on your Widewheel arrives loose. That is for folding and packaging purposes - it's the only way to make it fit in the box. Anyways, to tighten it simply grab the second smallest Allen key from the toolbar and position your throttle. Make sure it's low enough for your hand to be comfortable pressing the throttle, but high enough to give you enough push distance to push it all the way down. When it's in it's sweet spot, insert the Allen key into the screw sticking out of the back of the throttle, and tighten it by turning clockwise.

Plug in the front motor and (almost) feel the wind in your hair

Second to last step - you're almost there! Remove the plastic cover from the front motor cable, and find the arrow. This is critical as the arrow on the connecting cable and the arrow on the plug base need to align in order for the pins to fit correctly. Forcing the plug in with the arrows misaligned can result in bending of the pins and potentially a replacement of the connector.

Last but not least, juice it up!

Take the charger out of the box and plug in the AC cable into the adapter. Next plug the AC plug into the power outlet on the wall. It's important to do it first as it will balance out the voltage between the battery and charger, decreasing the risk of sparking (which a lot of Mercane Widewheel owners have experienced). While the spark itself is not dangerous, if it does happen hundreds of times over the course of the year, it can lead to burn marks and eventual replacement of the charging port. Finally, plug in the other end of the charger into your Mercane. When the Widewheel is fully charged, you will notice the light on the charger turn green. Then you're all set and ready to go!