How to use the Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter

Everything you need to know about how the Xiaomi M365 works. Getting going, mode changes, and more.

This is not a list of checks to perform before your first ride - if that's what you're looking for, click here. This is a guide to navigating your new electric scooter, once it's ready to go. If anything is unclear or you have additional questions, feel free to contact us at

Turning your Xiaomi M365 on and off

Step one to enjoying your new electric scooter - once charged, press the on/off button once. You will hear a beep sound and the LED lights should come on. Each dot represents roughly 25% of the charge, therefore if your scooter is fully charged, you should see all four LEDs on. To turn it off, simply repeat this step - press and hold the button for roughly half a second and the Xiaomi should turn off.

Switching eco-mode on and off

Eco mode is a lower-speed setting on your Xiaomi M365 electric scooter. In theory, by going slower, you should be able to go further. We usually recommend using this setting if you know you will be travelling for long distances or are down to the last couple of bars (LEDs) and still have a while to go. To turn it on and off, simply press the button twice while the scooter is powered on. You will notice the bottom LED turn green when eco-mode is active. To turn it off, simply repeat the process.

Turning the lights on and off

Once your electric scooter is on, turning lights on and off requires a single, quick press of the button. Be careful not to press and hold as that will power the scooter off. What you want is a single tap of the button. Both the front and the rear lights should come on simultaneously. Fun fact: the rear light will flash when braking even if lights are not turned on.

How to fold or unfold your electric scooter

Start by twisting the safety latch to the right. This will unlock the folding latch - pulling it down should make the stem of your scooter loose. If the folding latch feels stuck or is tough to move, you can check out this guide on adjusting it. Next, fold the stem of your scooter until the handle bar reaches the rear wheel. At this point shift it to the side a little and try to align the bell with the hook on your rear fender. The bell latch should lock onto the rear fender hook. To unfold, simply reverse the process starting with pushing down on the rear fender to unlock the bell latch.

How to accelerate on your Xiaomi M365

Your new electric scooter comes with a built in safety feature called "kick and go". This means that if you simply press your throttle while standing still, nothing will happen. Instead, once turned on, you need to kick your scooter (as if it was a regular kick scooter) once or twice until you reach about 3-4 KM/H. Then press down and hold the acceleration throttle on the right of your handle bar. You should feel the scooter accelerate immediately.