Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


(1) The creation of Apollo Scooters:

We started Apollo Scooters with the mission to bring electric and sustainable last-mile transportation to Canada. Scooters are the perfect mix of convenience and sustainability, allowing for a transition to an electricity-based (rather than gasoline-based) society. We believe in this transformation and work tirelessly to bring the best products on the market to Canada.

Our portfolio is tailored to provide you all scooters for your needs; whether you need something light, something powerful, or something with range - we’ve got you covered. Head over to our shop to learn more.

(2) Where do we ship to?

Anywhere in Canada and continental US. For more details view the Shipping page. For international shipping quotes, contact us at

(3) What currency are our prices in?

Canadian dollars. Our store is located in Montreal, Canada and the currency we accept is the Canadian dollar. Our website will convert prices for US and EU visitors to give you an idea of what each scooter costs based on the most updated currency exchange rate. When you reach check-out the currency will automatically switch back to Canadian dollars, however when you review the charges on your credit card, they will appear in your local currency. Please keep in mind Apollo Scooters is not responsible for any conversion fees imposed by your bank.

(4) Where are you guys located/do you have a store in Calgary/Vancouver/Montreal?

Our office, warehouse, and showroom are located in Montreal at 3700 Saint Patrick St. If you would like to visit, please schedule an appointment using this link.

We are working with a number of retail partners across Canada (and soon US too) to bring our products to major Canadian cities. We will be announcing our dealers and their service centres in April/May of 2020. You can expect a number of locations in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, and Toronto to become available.

(5) Are electric scooter legal to ride here in Canada?

Different provinces have different laws in place to govern the use of single rider mobility devices. Please check with your local regulators - here's a video giving an overview of the laws by province and an article with more up to date information. Regardless of whether you choose to ride a scooter in a province that has or has not legalized them, we ask you to prioritize wearing a helmet, riding in bike lanes, and always following the rules of the road. By purchasing a scooter from us, you accept our terms and conditions, and confirm that all research regarding the legal status of electric scooters is the customers' responsibility.

(6) Injuries caused by driving Apollo Scooters?

All purchasers/users of Apollo products are personally liable for any damages incurred to themselves or other individuals while using an Apollo product. Apollo Scooters is not responsible for any harm caused to the rider or the pedestrian. Please read the legal terms and regulations for more information. Please be vigilant and careful as these transport vehicles can be dangerous if not used correctly-. Again, by purchasing these scooters you fully agree to all of Apollo Scooters' terms and conditions.

(7) I want to sell your scooters at my store - what should I do?

We are always looking for partners to help grow the electric mobility movement in Canada and abroad. Contact us at to arrange an introductory call and receive wholesale pricing.


(1) What payment methods do we accept?

We accept all following payment methods: American Express, Credit Card, Debit Visa Card, Paypal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Paybright and Interact E-Transfers.

(2) Do we offer financing?

Yes, we currently work with Paybright financial services to give you the option of financing your electric scooter over 12, 18 or 24 months. Interest rates depend on your credit score.

- To see your eligibility:

1. Add the scooter of your choice to cart

2. Proceed to check out, filling out your contact information and shipping details

3. When you get to the "Payment" page, please select "Paybright"

4. Proceed to Paybright's website to view your monthly payment schedule and fee breakdown

(3) If a customer changes his mind and wants to cancel an order, can he get a refund?

Yes, the customer can cancel an order within our 14 day return policy. More information on refunds can be found here.

Scooter Usage

(1) Are electric scooters waterproof?

All of our scooters are IP54 water resistant. This translates into withstanding light rain and riding on wet surfaces, but we recommend avoiding riding in heavy rainfall. If you plan on using your scooter in rainy climate, consider adding waterproofing to your purchase.

(2) Can electric scooters be used in the snow?

We don't recommend riding directly on the snow, however if roads are properly maintained, you can ride in winter. Keep in mind that your scooter is "water-resistant" and not "water-proof", therefore prolonged exposure to snow is not recommended. Secondly, your battery's ability to hold charge will be affected by the low temperature - you will notice a drop in range. This is not a permanent problem and your battery's capabilities should return to normal once the temperature increases back to 10-20 degrees Celsius. Finally, be particularly cautious of turning - scooters are two-wheeled vehicles and slipping is particularly dangerous.

(3) Can I bring my scooter on public transit (e.g. bus or train)?

This will vary from city to city, but generally yes. We have verified that public bus and train services in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal do allow electric scooters to be carried on board. The keyword here is "carried", not "rolled" - take the size and weight of your scooter into consideration if you plan on using it for last-mile commuting in addition to taking the train or bus. We recommend calling your local transit services and confirming whether scooters are allowed on-board prior to making your purchase.

(4) What's the best way to lock an electric scooter?

This will vary across models, however the most secure locking spots are typically any hollow, but centrally located parts of your scooter - such as neck stem on the Mercane Widewheel or front wheel on the Apollo City. Contact us for specific locking instructions with the model name and lock type at

(5) How do I charge my scooter?

Please follow the instructions in your scooter manual. The process is similar across models - always plug the wall-plug into the AC outlet first, then connect the charging port to your scooter. While all scooters sold at Apollo come with advanced battery management features (such as overcharging protection), we recommend unplugging the charger once your scooter is fully charged. Do not leave your scooter with less than 40% for extended periods of time and try to charge it frequently, keeping the battery charge level near or at full. If you notice your charger is overheating or smoking, unplug it immediately. For additional questions regarding charging, please contact us at

(6) How do I store my scooter in the wintertime?

There are a few easy steps that will ensure your scooter is in top shape come spring time:

  1. Keep it dry and warm - just like you, electric scooter batteries don't like cold and humidity. Store yours in a dry and heated location, ideally between 15°C - 30°C.
  2. Ensure it is at 75% charge or more - as a rule of thumb, the ideal battery charge level during storage is 75%. Do not let it drop below 20%, but also don't overcharge it as this can be very harmful. The sweet spot is between 75% and 85%.
  3. Check it monthly - power your scooter on once a month to see if the charge level is holding up or dropping. If you notice that it's lower than what it was originally, charge it up to the 75% - 85% level once again before putting it back.
  4. Don't ride in the snow - riding in the snow can allow humidity to enter the case of your scooter, corroding the electrical parts. We know it might be hard to part with your best friend for the season, but it's best to avoid exposing it to snow and salt.
  5. Avoid overcharging - though most scooters come with a battery management system which includes overcharging protection, it is damaging to the battery cells to overcharge them for extended periods of time. None of us will unplug our scooter the second it's charged, but we can all try to minimize the amount of time it's overcharging for.
  6. Lubricate bearings - last but not least it's important to keep your bearings greased up! You can use regular WD-40 to spray over your wheel bearing while the wheel is being turned. Afterwards, wipe off excess lubricant with a paper towel.

(7) How old do I need to be to ride an electric scooter?

We recommend electric scooters for individuals aged 16 or older, though this will depend on provincial laws and whether legal guardians are comfortable assuming responsibility for the underage individuals using electric scooters.

Model-Specific Questions

(1) Xiaomi M365/Pro

- My Xiaomi is really slow - is this normal?

Yes, the Xiaomi comes with eco mode and power mode, to change between the two, double click the power button quickly. When all 4 lights are white, this means you're in power mode. When the first light is green, this means you're in eco mode (hence slower/limited speed).

- I can barely fold my Xiaomi latch, is it supposed to be this hard?

If the folding latch is very stiff (this happens with some Xiaomi's), get a Hex Key (5x32) to release the front hex screw while adding WD40. This should grease up the screw and allow you to work the folding mechanism easier. However, its always better keeping it tighter rather than looser.

- Regular punctures, any solutions?

Yes, always! If your Xiaomi is experiencing punctures (which is completely normal as its an air tire), you can always change/upgrade to honeycomb tires. This will make your ride slightly less soft, but in the long run you will not need to change your air tires. We offer this part at cost if you're our customer - just reach out to us and we'll help :)

- Xiaomi Pro not connecting to mobile app for the update?

This is an easy fix - you have to mark your location as "Mainland China" and not Canada, then continue to use the application as per usual.

(2) Segway ES2/ES4

- My ES2/4 is really slow, is this normal?

Yes, the Segways comes with 3 different speed modes, to change between the 3, double click the power button quickly. You'll see 3 different options:

(1) Nothing different on the LED screen = power saving mode (slowest speed)

(2) A white "S" on the LED panel = Standard Mode

(3) A red "S" on the LED screen = Sport mode (use this one for top speed).

- My throttle/brake is sticky and getting stuck, what's going on?

This happens when the grip can be pushed against the brake or throttle too much. Slowly pull or twist your grip handle outwards - this should help!

(3) Mercane WideWheel

- I bought the Mercane Pro, but the speed is really slow - is it broken?

No - this is completely normal! The normal Mercane has the eco (25km/h speed) and power (32km/h) speed, however to reach the 45km/h speed as advertised, here's the video link: Unlock Full Speed Mercane

- My plastic suspension cover is broken/fell off, what happened?

This is a slight manufacturing defect unfortunately - the suspension covers are very fragile and we've had many issues to date from Mercane with these. Please send us an email at and we'll send you spare parts for this (granted they're in stock).

- Does the Mercane have Cruise Control?

Yes! Hold the button down for 1.5 seconds until flashing, now to activate cruise control, hold the brake and accelerate the throttle once (you should see the 4th white light appear - this means cruise control is activated).

- My handlebar is wobbly/moving, is this dangerous?

No - rest assured, the wobbliness is completely normal. Having a very tight metal connection of the handlebar with the stem of the scooter is very dangerous and can snap (metal needs some room to move). This slight wobble is a natural shock absorption and is not to be worried about.

(4) Apollo Light, Apollo City, Apollo Explore, Apollo Pro

- My scooter is not reaching the advertised speed - how can I fix it?

Each of the Apollo scooters comes with an LED controlled featuring three gears. Each gear limits the top speed - Gear 1 has the lowest top speed, while Gear 3 is the maximum. Simply press the "Mode" button on your controller to switch gears.

- I cannot fold the scooter, what's the issue?

When brand new, Apollo scooters can be occasionally difficult to fold. The folding mechanism will "break-in" over time and folding will become easier. A practice we always recommend to help with folding is applying pressure to the handlebar in the opposite direction from folding. Push the stem of the scooter away from the base, while pushing/pulling the folding latch. This counterintuitive approach will help with folding.

When unfolding, do the same - push the stem away from the base of the scooter. It helps lock the folding bold in the socket, ensuring the scooter is securely unfolded prior to riding it.

Any other product related issues? Please contact us at

Returns and Warranty Policy

(1) I don't like my scooter - can I return it and get a refund?

Yes - as long as the product is returned within 14 days of delivery and remains in brand new condition. For more details on the process, please visit Returns & Refunds.

(2) My scooter came with a manufacturer defect - can I exchange it?

Of course - please contact us at within 14 days of delivery with proof of the defect, and we will provide a return shipping label. We will inspect the unit upon reception and once we verify the existence of the manufacturing defect, we will ship out a replacement unit right away.

All returns/exchanges are subject to validation and approval at Apollo’s discretion.

(3) What is Apollo Scooters' warranty policy and what does it cover?

All scooters sold by Apollo scooters come with a minimum of 12 months of warranty. The Apollo line-up (Light, City, Explore, and Pro) come with an additional 12 months of coverage for a total of 24 months. In general, the warranty covers manufacturing defects with some exceptions, however it does not cover wear and tear. For more detailed information on what is included and excluded, please visit the Warranty page.

(4) If I resell my product, is the warranty still covered?

Warranty transfers are possible - but please contact Apollo Scooters beforehand as your request for warranty transfer needs to be approved (due to fraud prevention or black listed customers). Please contact us with your order number and reason for resale, and we'll get back to you with if the transfer is approved or refused.