Speed and Power. Re-born.

Mercane has launched their 2020 version of the WideWheel Electric Scooter and here is the first look at what’s new, better, and different.



Mercane is a Korean electric scooter company that launched their famous WideWheel on Indiegogo in 2018 and took the electric scooter world by storm with well... their wide wheels! A strongly built scooter with a 35km/h top speed, approximately 30km distance, dual suspension, airless foam tires and a rear disc brake - this was really a new innovation when comparing it to the traditional Xiaomi M365 and Segway ES2 (scooters that all big sharing companies such as Lime and Bird were using). They then launched a dual 500W motor 2019 version of the WideWheel, with speeds of up to 45km/h (when unlocked) and a distance of up to 40km - and this was a beautiful scooter (weighing in at only 23kgs, the sheer power and acceleration was unbeatable for $1,399CAD) - review video of the 2019 here.

The new launch of the Mercane is now called the Mercane “PRO” (very Apple-esque naming), not the 2020 and comes in three different versions:

  1. Single Motor 500W, 10aH Battery
  2. Dual Motor 500W, 10aH Battery
  3. Dual Motor 500W, 15aH Battery

We only tested the dual 15aH model and assume the majority of the suppliers will select this model simply due to the combination of power and distance. The 2019 Pro, for reference, was a dual 500W 13.2aH battery and had a claimed distance of 40km (full power mode was more towards 32km).

Take a first look at the all new Mercane Widewheel Pro (2020) in the unboxing video below.

Mercane finally caught up on the basics...

After a product recall of over 1,800 units in the United States due to a brake caliper failure and poor quality testing by the US reseller, Mercane have stepped up safety and added a second brake to the Pro version. This is a great addition as when hitting speeds of up to 45km/h, having the second brake really helps feel more secure and come to a complete stop in urgent situations.

Finally - the 2019 model came equipped with a 4-dot battery indicator and a battery voltage meter (who really tracks their battery in voltage?), Mercane realized that a speedometer is a must for any electric scooter (especially with all the competition from Zero, Inokim, Xiaomi and Segway). The new LCD display has a speedometer, battery level bars, battery volt meter and odometer to track everything you need while driving. You can also switch from Eco mode (32km/h) to Power mode (40km/h) by pushing the power button (at last a reasonable way to switch modes). The other button, “Mode”, when pushed once turns the light on, and when pushed twice turns cruise control on or off. (*For all the speed junkies out there, yes there still is ludacris mode on the PRO and the top speed we hit was 50km/h - video to unlock the speed here.)

Three main parts of the scooter have been reinforced and upgraded with thicker aluminium alloy material: the stem, neck and fork. Although we didn’t receive much negative feedback on these pieces in the past, there were a few cases of these pieces braking and Mercane clearly have come to add more safety for the customers needs here.

...and continued to overdeliver on everything else.

We took the new Widewheel for a drive and it felt surprisingly different from the 2019 model - the first major difference was stability. There was no looseness in the handlebar right out of the box. Next we found ourselves pleasantly surprised with the intuitively designed display - at last, switching controls no longer requires a PHD. Interestingly enough, the 2020 Widewheel had a higher top speed when compared to the 2019 model. Lastly, the dual braking system is really the most critical upgrade, making us feel comfortable cruising at 40-45 KM/H. We haven’t done a full range test yet, but the extra 1.8aH will surely come in handy as well.

While Mercane Widewheel Pro (2020) represents a major upgrade over the 2019 model, there are a still a few considerations to keep in mind. While the handlebar feels well attached to the stem, the actual folding handle pieces absorb a lot of vibration. This leads to the screws loosening and after riding for 30 minutes, there was about 2-3mm of wobble. Always make sure to Locktite those screws before they fall out and create a safety hazard. The second is the stand, which is identical to the 2019 model. We were never fans and still think that an electric scooter with this price tag can do better. Finally - the lights, which are still made of cheap materials that they could have upgraded (we highly recommend additional lighting when riding your Mercane at night).

To conclude - Mercane have outdone themselves again! The Mercane WideWheel remains the best value for money for an electric scooter on the market. The new Mercane Pro retails at CAD $1,699, while the 2019 retails at $1,399, so you’re still making quite a big jump for that new battery pack, brake and speedometer. What’s great is that the drive remains very similar on the 2019 and 2020, giving people who are a little more price sensitive the opportunity to stick to the 2019 and still have the sheer power and comfort of the Mercane drive. The Mercane Widewheel Pro (2020) is now on pre-order for mid-January delivery, and can be reserved here.

Mercane Widewheel Pro

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